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zaray kidnapped  by iloveanimetomesoul
zaray kidnapped by animeforevermyreality
again here's a redo, all I have is just my memory to back these up so yeah, dear rachel was a very cold hearted girl, she felt nothing towards her peers and had nothing...
zaray (Zack X Ray) the boy at night  by iloveanimetomesoul
zaray (Zack X Ray) the boy at animeforevermyreality
again here's a redo because the last account was taken sadly, rachel lived the perfect life, she had everything she could ever want or need, however she felt nothing, h...
zaray death falls for life by iloveanimetomesoul
zaray death falls for lifeby animeforevermyreality
The next redo^^ Zack is the god of death and always has hater the humans, the way they deceive and hate, and his fellow gods are , cathy: the god of poverty Danny: the...