Louder Than Words

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After Zack received the rest of the uniform, a man walked him back towards his post. Though upon walking, they passed a room with white walls, followed by a slight glimpse of golden blonde. He turned his head fast. "Ray?" The other man stopped in his tracks. "Why the hell are you lagging behind? Get your ass moving already!" He grabbed Zack by the back of the collar. Hurling him violently forward. This pissed Zack off immensely, causing him to react with twice the amount of violence.

He punched the man repeatedly, knocking him to the ground and breaking his face. Blood gushing like a waterfall down the guard's mouth and neck. After the fifth or sixth blow, he fell unconscious. Zack stood up, taking the man's gun from the holster at his waist and walked back towards the padded cell. He peeked in. It was in fact Ray. Though she looked worse for wear. Her hair was matted and unkempt. Upon seeing his face through the other side of the glass, she perked up. Her big blue eyes flashing up at him with excitement and desperation.

"Zack?!" she cried. He just smiled a bit in response. "Yo." she ran towards the door. pressing her hands against the small window of glass. "Is it really you? It can't be... I thought... You are really here, right? This isn't just a dream, right?!" Her tearful words were muffled by the plush walls, yet he could make them out clearly. "Of course I'm real, you dumbass." He grabbed the gun away. "Stand back." He knew it would probably be a dumb idea but Zack decided to brute Force his way in. Ramming his shoulder into the metal over and over again.

It warped bit by bit upon impact until eventually it came loose to the point he could pull it off, opening the door. "Come on. Let's go home, Ray." she ran up and tackled him. Tears rolling down her thin cheeks. He could tell she had gotten a bit skinnier while in confinement. Almost like being hugged by a corpse, but not quite. On some level this made him feel guilty for not coming sooner. He brushed off the feeling as the two frantically made their escape.

Sirens blared loudly in their ears as they ran hand in hand. Both holding on as tight as hey could. They had been separated far too many times and weren't about to let it happen again. Several guards ran directly behind them. "Remember! Take the boy alive. The girl is just a nuisance! Do not let Isaac Foster escape under any circumstances!" The footsteps grew louder and louder as they made their way towards the exit. Just barely making it outside, they ran through a field. Hands getting sweaty yet still clasped firmly together. "I'm not letting go. I don't care what happens. If we die, we die together." Zack looked at her. Feeling stranger than ever before as he tried to decipher what she said while also trying to focus on not dying. "Don't say crap like that. Neither of us are dying! I don't care if that's your wish anymore and you can hate me all you fucking want. I don't care. Ray... I-"

A gunshot rang through their ears. She felt his grip begin to loosen as her eyes grew wide in absolute disbelief and terror. "You idiot! You missed her! We weren't supposed to kill him! The chief said to bring Foster back ALIVE! Now look what you've done!" Rachel heard one of the guards say in the distance. She slumped to her feet.

"No... No. Not again. NOT AGAIN!" Her mind flashed back to the time he had killed that bird upon first meeting Rachel, as well as the time Zack was nearly killed and how desperate she had been to keep him alive then. Every moment he came within a hair's breath of dying weighed on her mind. It was as though history was repeating itself. Blood gushed from his mouth. Causing him to cough sporadically. She grabbed his hand and pressed it between both of hers. Tears streaming down her face in a heavy flow. He touched one hand to her face. "Heh... What the hell are ya crying for? Quit your damn blubbering already." He managed to choke out. "This is nothing. So dry it up and let's get moving already!"

He slowly tried to stand up. Blood still leaking from his gut and mouth. Ray made him lay back down. He eventually gave in and laid still. "No Zack! You're hurt! We can't!" she sobbed. If we go any farther, you're going to bleed out just like you almost did back at that horrible place! Please just stay still. I'm going to try and stop the bleeding. So hold on a little longer, please." She ripped off a small strip of her hospital gown, and wrapped it around his waist in the tall grass they were hidden in. Though to their dismay, the authorities were not far behind. Zack was in no position to move. Ray took the gun and fired a couple warning shots, hitting Reynold's in the shoulder. "Stay back! Don't lay a finger on him!" She shouted, tears filling the corners of her eyes. Chief Reynold's kneeled to the ground in agony. His cohorts in shock that the big boss had been wounded so easily. One after another, a few of the armed men ran towards them. Firing their guns rapidly.

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