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Ray quickly searched around her cell for anything that would help her escape. Frantically, she checked under the small cot of a bed, still gagging from the putrid aroma emitting from the small space in which she was confined. She rummaged through her purse, which she had managed to not get confiscated upon her arrest. Though, nothing useful could be found there either. At least, not for a quiet escape.To her relief, she found something formidable. A lone rusted bobby pin. Which had been stuck inside a small hole in the wall.

Back then, she probably would've declared this a miracle of god. Though since her religious journey, she had become exhausted of the word. So she subconsciously considered her discovery one of sheer luck. Ray fiddled with the lock. Wrapping her arm around the thin bars to reach for it. She continuously turned her wist in different directions, listening in for any sound that would indicate her makeshift lock was doing its job or not.

Rachel was no expert locksmith, but she recalled seeing people doing it on television shows she would watch as a child. Before her life took a turn for the dark. Never would she have counted on using such knowledge until this moment. After several failed attempts, she felt discouraged and was ready to call it quits. Much to her surprise, her final attempt was successful. She gave it one final twist, and with that, there was a small "click". She grabbed her bag, opening the cell door slowly.

She exited the room quietly, making sure not to disturb anyone that may cause a commotion. Be it other prisoners or security guards, Ray wasn't about to take any chances. Luckily, she was small and could sneak around easily in the big jail. Upon her escape, she hid wherever she could fit her petit frame. Being extra careful not to be spotted by anyone and staying alert for any sounds of footsteps coming towards her direction. As she snuck around the building, she came to a room. A gruff, familiar voice, muffled through the closed door.

Pressing her ear to the wall, she could make out a loud "Fuck you! I won't do it!" followed by agonizing cries of pain. Her stomach felt as though it were tied in knots. "They promised me they wouldn't hurt him...." She gritted her teeth behind closed lips. After a few more weakened grunts of pain, Ray reached into her bag, pulling out her gun. A rare choice she made. Used only in the most drastic of times. Since their escape, she had managed to get her hands on a new gun.

She quietly waited for someone to exit the interrogation room, before attacking. She cocked her gun at a middle aged man that came out. Very calmly, he put his hands up, making sure not to make any sudden movements.  "Open the door." She demanded. Her voice soft, yet commanding. He silently nodded, obeying her orders. She pointed her gun at his head as she entered. 

He slowly stepped in, hands still raised. Officer Baxter?! What are you-" She cut him off. "Let the man go and I won't shoot." Zack's eyes lit up in surprise. Despite the bad shape he was in from being tortured relentlessly. This was a side of Ray he rarely saw. One both terrifying and enticing. The officer startled by the girl's bold actions, just stood in horror. She motioned to Zack to make his move. With that, he had put the other man into a headlock while Ray still had hold on the other. Her gun still way too close for comfort. The man tried to scream so Zack acted quickly. Snapping his neck and killing him instantly. A sight that caused the other officer to shake visibly.

He soon realized these two were a force not to be reckoned with. They exited the room together. Inching closer towards escape. The traumatized man, finally free from death's clutches, slid down the wall, still mortified by what he had beared witness to. Rachel grabbed onto the back of Zack's hoodie for safety as they both fled towards a wooded area. It wasn't too long before they began to hear barks of dogs echoing behind them. Zack turned around, not comfortable with how slowly she had been running. He grabbed her hand tightly, feeling the warmth of her palm against his while feeling his own pulse in his throat. They didn't dare to look back as they continued running further and further into the woods. 

Once the two were unable to hear dogs, they stopped to catch their breath at the corner of the riverside. "Jesus Christ. They just HAD to bring those stupid mutts, didn't they?" he huffed, audibly annoyed. "Dumb canines probably can't even track us for shit." Ray bent over, still panting heavily. "That was close. If I had waited any longer, they might have done worse to you. I'm so glad I got there when I did." she remarked, in between sharp breaths. "Nah, they may have beaten me up, but I'm fine. Takes a lot more than that to keep me down. You oughta know that by now, Ray." He chuckled a bit. She smiled in response. He straightened.

"We should find somewhere to hide in case they do finally catch up." Ray nodded in agreement. "Hey Zack?" she looked up at him with her beautiful bluebell eyes. "Hold my hand again so we don't lose each other. Please." Zack's pulse quickened once more at the sudden statement. "...Uh... Yeah, good idea." He stammered, while trying to keep his composure. The tall bandaged man held his hand out for her and she clasped onto it tightly. Making sure not to let go no matter what.


Hey there! I decided to adjust a few parts. Nothing too significant though. I also added a comic strip I did based on the chapter. 

Hope you enjoy and thanks again for reading my story! 


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