Author's note

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Ah man! What a chapter huh? Hopefully I didn't make Zack seem too out of character. I just felt like with his past of being burnt he would be incredibly sensitive to seeing Ray like that. Especially when I think back to his reaction when she burned herself trying to pick up burning debris. He got really frantic and I thought I'd play with that idea again. Also Zack is such a big kid that I figured he would do something like tackle Ray while she was busy doing something. Anyways,I'm still trying to piece together how I'm going to finish this without being cheesy. (which is more work than I first expected.) Also trying to figure out how to get our protagonists to collide with the antagonists of the story and blurring the lines between the two. I'll do my best to bring something interesting to the table for you guys.

Hope you're enjoying so far! Be on the lookout for the next chapter soon! Bye for now!~
(P.s. The picture of Ray was drawn by yours truly. :p)

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