The Hunt

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The silver haired man sat at his desk, once more looking for clues in his head that may benefit their search for Isaac Foster and Rachel Gardner. He as well as a few other detectives, rewinded the video footage until they could piece together which direction of town she had gone to. After several replays, it was time for shifts to change. However, Chief Reynolds decided to stay overtime and keep looking. To his surprise he recognized one of the buildings and called over a much younger subordinate to pull up the coordinates of the building she had passed.

Usually, with this area of town being more crime filled and run down, the police didn't want to get involved but because Zack had been an important, potential asset, they were desperate and willing to go to even the worst parts of the neighborhood just to track him down and make him into a weapon of mass destruction. Before Zack had escaped prison, the Chief saw just how much brute force the young man had. Killing officers and prison guards with such ease. That was when he knew he had to use this strength to his and the rest of society's advantage. With him, they'd be able to track killers left and right. Much like using a dog to hunt another dog in a k-9 unit.

He believed that with modern technology they could somehow train him and make him into their very own mobile executioner. As a means to replace incredibly expensive execution methods like lethal injection. The city was suffering financially, making it near impossible for many of the citizens to get proper healthcare and accommodate themselves. It was run down, dirty, and brimming with criminal misconduct. He would take any shroud of hope he could get in that god forsaken town. To him, Zack was the answer.

"I think we have a location." Cheering in his head, he directed everyone's attention to the screen. Everyone rejoiced slightly. Their prayers were going to be answered soon and very soon. They'd be able to live life more comfortably. All they needed now was the boy. They'd figure out what to do with the girl later. Whether that was sending her to a psychiatric ward out of town or rehabilitating her in a mental institution, was yet to be determined. They also had to think of way to contain this walking bringer of destruction. Could they sedate him upon being captured? Would they have to catch him off guard? Or could they possibly Lure him in?

They had to devise a plan soon. Before the two would catch on and try to flee the city. Then it hit him. "Ohh. Everyone, hold onto your seats. For what I'm about to tell ya just might be the greatest plan to ever have graced God's green earth." He smirked, incredibly pleased with himself. Describing to everyone in the room exactly what they'd do to bait Isaac. He referred back to the case file and criminal records that a nearby city and sent in copies of them.

"All of our answers lie right here, in this case file. We're gonna dig up some of the past for Isaac. Whaddya say, boys? Should we dig up the grave?" Everyone in the room talked amongst themselves before coming to a complete decision. After talking through the logistics as well as the ramifications, they agreed to give the old man's interesting plan a shot. Together, they did their parts in figuring out how to set this plan into motion.

One of the few women who worked in tracking blurted out "We have a lead on Rachel Gardner for sure! The girl was last seen on the corner of [STREET REDACTED] and [STREET REDACTED]. Around [TIME REDACTED] this afternoon. She apparently goes to town often. Every wednesday or so. I think we could possibly go undercover at the local market and track her whereabouts that way. We still don't know where Foster is however. That may be a bit of a challenge unless she happens to lead us to their location.

Or perhaps...." She rested her hand on her chin. "We could just lure him in by taking the girl. I highly doubt that she's been carrying so many groceries just for herself. It may be a crazy suggestion but there's a possibility that they're living together. If we can find the location, nabbing him could be cinch!" the young woman's eyes lit up with the excitement of knowing she could be correct in her assumptions. The chief stroked his short beard. Entertaining the idea. "Detective Jones, I think you may be on to something."

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