No Mercy

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The young blonde woman paced back and forth in her cell. Quietly awaiting judgement. She stopped in front of the bars and took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself. Ray looked down at her feet solemnly. Hoping, praying that everything was going to be okay. She wished desperately for Zack to come barging through like he did when he came back to her after many long nights of feeling empty and alone in the ward she was placed in. She longed to see him again, although she felt it in vain.

Deep down, she still held on to the hope that he would come for her again. Though much to the girl's dismay, minutes soon became hours. Then hours became days. Ray was beginning to lose hope again. She had cried herself to sleep a few times. Up until the day of her trial. A tall man, clad in black appeared. He was an officer that had come to retrieve her for her court date. Ray just nodded to whatever instructions the man had given her, not even attempting to fight him or run away. Ray was beginning to accept her fate.

She stood before the judge, hands still cuffed together. She felt a cold atmosphere as she looked around the courtroom. Intimidating expressions were spread all around. Ray made eye contact with one woman who's eyes looked to be full of hatred. This made Ray stare down at her feet again. Anything else was better at this point. It felt like decades before the judge finally began the trial. Though she was equally as unfriendly as everyone else in the room. Which was understandable. Ray already knew of her crimes.

Although she felt nothing. Not guilt nor anguish. She never was good with understanding other people or emotions for that matter and that was still very much true. Ray didn't realize what was missing. And this became apparent to the judge as she spoke. A few people began chatting amongst themselves. Their whispers harsh and aggressive. The judge smacked her gavel down and the room grew silent again. The rest of the trial was short and to Ray's surprise, she wasn't given the death penalty. Only a life sentence but for Ray, death would have been a dream come true.

One night, Ray was taken to a different type of cell. The walls were plush and white. A padded cell. It figured. She knew this was a place she'd grow very familiar with, seeing as how the judge reacted when she addressed the murders of the officers back at the station as well as the deaths of her parents and how she "fixed" their corpses. Ray was more than aware of why she was there. Yet she wasn't able to feel anything but regret. She was regretful of not spending more time with Zack. She was regretful of not having him kill her sooner. She didn't want to die like this. Isolated. Lonesome. She longed to see him more than anything now. To know he was safe and happy. She didn't care anymore what would become of her so long as Zack was safe. Tears filled in her eyes as she painted worst case scenarios in her head. She felt her sanity slipping with each thought. "No...Zack would never die so easily. He's strong. He's alive. He has to be..." She whispered to herself. Eventually Ray dozed off again. Though even in sleep, she was haunted by the thoughts of Zack and whether or not he really was okay.

He awoke to the sounds of yelling men. A regular routine at this point. He yelled back at them angrily, aggressively turning on his side on the prison bed. Covering his ears with an equally as rock hard pillow. Once an officer came in to restore balance, things grew silent again. Blissfully silent. With so many male prisoners it was seldom peaceful. Which caused Zack to lose sleep and nearly killed his cellmate by choking him with toilet paper. Being cooped up like this often made Zack's impulse to kill worsen and caused him to be put in a separate cell by himself. It smelled of vomit and unimaginable things. A recurring theme for prisons in (COUNTY REDACTED).

Zack managed to doze off again before the silence was inevitably broken again. He thought about Ray. And how alone she was. He balled his hand into a fist at the unpleasant thought. He was tired of being a guinea pig. He wanted to see her again. No matter what. He wanted to come swooping in like Superman and rescue her, even if it was incredibly reckless and could end in complete and total disaster. He was willing to chance it. He wasn't book smart but he made up for it with his impeccable survival skills and knew that he could use those skills to try and make his escape again.

He refused to be treated like some sort of hunting dog for the government any longer. He made a break for it the following night. Being extremely careful not to be spotted by anyone. To his relief the process was simple, considering how clueless the other prisoners were as well as the guards. He hid away in the lower income part of town. He had removed his bandages to avoid being recognized. He stole some clothing off of the body of yet another dead homeless man. Though they smelled horrendous, desperate times called for desperate measures. The stench caused Zack to gag a bit but he held back the bile forming in his stomach. Once he regained his composure as best he could, he began his long winded search for Rachel. He trudged on in the cold rain that padded the sidewalks. Looking up at the gray clouded sky, he made an oath to himself.

"Ray. I swear I'll find you and bring you back." 

All he needed to do now was find a way to get to her. No matter the cost. He would do everything in his power.

After three long, grueling months, Zack had located the penitentiary in which she was held. Security however was extremely high. Ten times more proficient than the jail. Guards could be spotted everywhere around the premises. All holding rifles and wearing expressions of stone. Undoubtedly serious and deadly. Zack couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated. Few things were able to make Zack feel this way but that had been one of the few exceptions in his life. This would be no easy task. He made his way across. Making absolutely sure not to be spotted. Hiding in every corner of the building he could possibly fit his tall yet lanky body.

One guard had turned to another. "Hey, did you hear something?" he asked. The other guard just shrugged it off. Zack couldn't help but roll his eyes at the sight. From a safe distance. These two were definitely the more laid back ones. Zack continued on through with ease, doing his best to dodge security and take out cameras with brute force. Which brought him a slight tinge of joy despite being in such an anxiety inducing situation. He snuck behind two guards, quietly slitting the throat of one of the men with a knife he had smuggled into prison. He knocked the other out. Dragging the body away, stealing the man's uniform and disguising himself as a guard. Since the button up had been stained with blood, Zack left it with the body. Still wearing the shirt he was, previously.

"Hey you!" One guard called out to him. "Yeah? What the hell do you want?" he uttered. "Where's the rest of your uniform? You know we have a dress code, right?" The man was more rugged. More intimidating. Zack looked at him confused. "Ah. You must be the new kid." He sucked his teeth in annoyance. "Come with me, kid. We'll find ya a replacement. Geez, what a pain..." Zack followed suit to keep him from getting suspicious while he also had no clue what was going on but decided to carry through anyways. 

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