Nowhere To Hide

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A few weeks Later:

Chief Reynold's had all of his pieces set in place. Now he just needed to put his plan to the test. He called out his best men and women to hunt for Rachel Gardner. Highly confident that they would not fail twice. They communicated to each other through an earpiece. "Make sure you all remain completely inconspicuous. The last thing we want is another slip up. Don't fail. The city is depending on you." The chief stopped talking until necessary. Allowing his spies to do their job.

"Yes sir." The taller man motioned to his partner. "You take the left wing, I'll take the right." The other man sounded confused. "Err... But this is a farmer's market. Shouldn't we just set up some shops?" They both stood in silence, realizing how completely unprepared they were for their mission. They would be scolded for sure.

"Nevermind that, we're running out of time, anyways." He scratched his face. "Well...We could just go with option #2. " The other furrowed his eyebrows. "I still think we should wait it out and follow the girl." The other man crossed his arms. "Ugh! Fine. We always do things your way." He muttered to himself, acting more like a child than a thirty two year old.

The two walked up to one of the vendors. Revealing their badges to a frail old man running a fruit stand. He shook nervously as the two loomed over. "May we use this stand? We're undercover from the (STATE REDACTED) Police Department and we're trying to find someone." The older, shaky man stepped aside without hesitation. Allowing them to do business. The two men waited patiently for any sign of their target. Bored out of his wits, one pulled out his phone. Noticing this, the other smacked him on the back of the head. "What the hell are you doing? We're supposed to be on watch, numb nuts!" The other man rubbed the back of his now tender skull. "Hey! You didn't have to hit me!"

The two of them began to fight, going into a fit of obnoxious smacks and headlocks. "Umm...excuse me. I'd like to know how much these cost per pound? A young girl, wearing a hat and long coat gestured to a small bag of cherries. The men froze. Realizing that this young lady just might be exactly who they were looking for. "What luck!" they thought. After they silently rejoiced, one of them made up a fake amount. She paid and started to walk off. The two men hopped in their van, following after her, making sure not to be seen as suspicious.

Rachel noticed a black van out of the corner of her eye. It had been going the same direction as her for a while. She began to feel uneasy. Was she being followed? She turned around. The vehicle had come to a complete stop as two men got out and started walking towards her. She ran as fast as she could but her legs were against her. The two men were at a much better advantage because of their tall statures. Rachel was tackled to the ground before she could make it back to Zack. To ensure they caught the right person, one of them pulled out a photo of Rachel for comparison. The other removed her hat, revealing her long blond locks.

The resemblance was uncanny. They had indeed caught Rachel Gardner. Once they slapped cuffs on the girl, they brought her back up to her feet. "Rachel Gardner, you are under arrest for aiding and abetting Isaac Foster, a wanted criminal, from being brought to justice. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of law." Hearing those words caused Rachel to stop struggling. Her expression more detached than ever. Rachel's whole life came crumbling down as she remembered everything. Zack had been wanted for murder and was to be put to death many years ago. They had tried their hardest to flee. Going from county to county, ducking cops and anyone who may find them suspicious. Now it was all for naught. She went quietly without putting up a single fight. Fearful of what was to become of her dear friend.

The man who helped her realize that life can be worth living. With him dead, she would have been lost. Now she may never see him again and the thought scared her to a point where she became physically paralyzed in the back seat of the two cops' van. She closed her eyes. Trying to keep herself calm.

"Zack...Please...Don't die."

Rachel was brought to the county jail for questioning. She waited in silence as one of the officers came in to interrogate. "Hello Rachel. It's good to see you here with us at last." The chief smirked, trying to appear as a kind old face. Rachel remained silent. Staring up at him. "Not much of a talker eh? Well that'll change sooner or later. He sat down, clasping his hands together. "Now, I'm gonna need you to answer a few questions, so make sure you answer them truthfully or we may have to find other ways of gettin' you to talk, understand, young lady?" She nodded.

"Good girl."

Those words disgusted her, at least coming from him instead of Isaac. "Now, we have some clues that suggest you've been allegedly housing an escaped convict by the name of Isaac Foster. Is this correct?" Rachel looked down, her expression completely unmoved. "Yes." She closed her eyes. Desperate to escape reality at any given moment. "Quick response. I like that. Anyways, onto my next question." He sat up, adjusting himself. "Where are do you live?" Rachel's eyes opened slowly back up. This time she was much more hesitant. "If...I tell you where he is... Will you kill him?" He cleared his throat before speaking again. "I believe I'm the one supposed to be asking questions here, missy. But since you're being cooperative I suppose I can tell you this."

He leaned in, making sure she could hear him carefully. "We need him brought here, alive, and we plan to do just that. Although he's a complete psychopath, he can be redeemed service." he chuckled a little. Ray furrowed her brow in confusion. Though relieved to hear that Zack wouldn't be executed. Yet she was stuck on the words. Community service? What did he mean by that? She wanted to question him but knew she'd regret it if she tried. "Now about that address..." he hinted. Still awaiting her cooperation as patiently as possible.

Zack woke up much later that day. Confused by the sheer silence of their flat. Not a single trace of the scent of food or steam from the shower. "Is she still out? How long has she been gone?" He thought to himself, the thought of not knowing irritated him to the point where he wanted to smash things but refrained. He snuck outside, looking around the city downpour. Nothing. He was greeted only by the sight of rain as it pounded against concrete. He rushed back in, checking the kitchen. Nothing. He ran to the bathroom door, swinging it open. Nothing. He paced back and forth the small living space. She was nowhere to be found. He felt sick and ran back into the bathroom to puke. An old habit of his that hadn't changed. He collected himself before walking out. Thinking of possible places she may have gone.

He changed before running back outside to find her, without a care of the fact he could be spotted. Not as long as she was missing. Once he hit one of the nearby alleyways, he saw it. A little black hat was laying on the pavement. He recognized it as Ray's. It became damp from the rain, though parts of it were still dry. "She was taken... maybe it wasn't that long ago?"He picked it up and put it in his hoodie. Zack searched for her at the food pantry, plowing through people without a single thought. Nothing. He went to check where the farmer's market had been torn down. He felt his heart begin to beat rapidly.

There were very few places Ray would go and every place he had checked she wasn't there. Ray had been taken by someone but he couldn't imagine who. The police had no idea where they were. Or did they? Prolonged trains of thought hurt his head. It wasn't long before Zack gave up and walked back to the direction of their home. Once he got there, he sat down on their creaking sofa. Trying to keep himself from going out and killing someone as a means of relaxing himself. He put his hands on his face, still incredibly worried about her.

"Damn it, Ray... Where the hell are you?"

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