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Tales From The Crapper by Omnigoddess
Tales From The Crapperby Omnigoddess
Welcome my little turdlets, to another Tale From The Crapper. I'm your mistress of scaramonies, Ms. Crapreeker. And from my stinking porcelain throne I'll be hosting an...
Unraveling the World | HetaOni (Hetalia x Mute!Reader) by preciousprattle
Unraveling the World | HetaOni (He...by precious prattle
a tale in which you, the reader, have been living in a cursed mansion your whole life and must watch Italy and his friends suffer and fight for their lives. but will yo...
Horror RPG Randomness by Mini_Madotsuki
Horror RPG Randomnessby HetaJ-chan
What happens if you combine all the rpg maker games together? Well this odd book through your screen shall tell you the magical tale of screaming Garrys and little girls...
String Of Fate { Mad Father fanfic }- Dio x Aya by ShySoulWriter
String Of Fate { Mad Father fanfic...by Jasmine
In Mad Father if you successfully collect all the gems you get a secret part where you play as Dio. You as the player learn that Dio is not actually dead. Now. . . tell...
Hunger of the Tails Doll {Vore RP} by Pred_Tails_Doll
Hunger of the Tails Doll {Vore RP}by Tails Doll
A group survival horror/vore (survival vorrer?) roleplay in which you must escape from being eaten by the Tails Doll.
Stopping Madness by Nozikun
Stopping Madnessby Nozikun
After several years, Aya has become more like her father. She kills the people that come looking for a cure. But when Dio comes back to change her, will he be successfu...
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Horror/Mystery Games Private RP Book by -_CookieCat_-
Horror/Mystery Games Private RP Bo...by Eve
This is a book for me and my friend @-_Tempting_Fate_- please do not comment unless you are her!
Left Behind (Garry X Reader) by Undrcover_Fluff
Left Behind (Garry X Reader)by ThatOneFan
What happened when Ib went with her fake mother instead of Garry? He wouldn't just let her go would he?
Asylum: ScReAmS [RP] by Galaxy-Kitkat
Asylum: ScReAmS [RP]by Nun Ya
A Roleplay where all the crazies are locked... Are you a crazie or Normie? Find out~
Slasher RP {OPEN} by The_Outbreak
Slasher RP {OPEN}by Online
A horror movie usually with one central homicidal maniac who usually uses cutlery to systematically slaughter his victims. See also Freddy Krueger,Jason Voorhees,Chucky
valley of the dolls ♄ roleplay! [closed] by LOVEANDEVlL
valley of the dolls ♄ roleplay! [c...by inactive.
"in the valley of the dolls we sleep, got a hole inside of me." one dare. one night in the haunted island filled with rumors of death, creepy porcelain dolls a...
Calvo by Skadiatus
Calvoby ☆
Rin se aburre y es la presencia de Seitaro lo que la ayuda a sobrellevar un poco mejor la demoledora rutina de la universidad para, al mismo tiempo, hacerle darse cuenta...
Horror Group RolePlay by shaquille-_-oatmeal
Horror Group RolePlayby Your Mom
I will describe it in a second. But I really hope that people are like "attracted" to this type of thing :)
IB: Forgotten by MidknighTenshi
IB: Forgottenby Midknightenshi
Garry and Ib returns to the real world, but what happens when Garry did not remember Ib or Mary, or anything that happened in the Art Gallery before? And who exactly is...
Welcome To Guertena by amber_the_great
Welcome To Guertenaby Amber
Ashe wonders into an art museum to study for her paper, and to get away from life. However, things take an unexpected turn as she is chased into a macabre world where Gu...