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I'm really sorry for all these. But I just want to explain my on and off absence.

It's not only homework that's keeping me away from this. It's not just inspiration issues I'm having stress issues as well. When I get stressed out I get super duper wacky and my emotions go through the roof. I'm okay. I just can't have another thing to be stressed about right now.

I'm also having drama socially. I'm not gonna get into it, but trying to keep people happy hurts me. Does that happen to any of you? I try to help but I forget about myself and I end up hurting myself. This time off is helping, but I still feel not like myself right now. I'm okay, it's just I don't feel normal.

I hope that makes sense.

I love you all, I hope everything is good with y'all. Peace, friends!

With lotsa love,


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