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Song: Outlines by All Time Low


Your feet hardly make any sounds as you walk to your apartment. Steve is behind you, and your hood is up. He has a hat on. Why all this garb you ask?

HYDRA won. And we're being tracked down. We disappeared off the grid a few weeks ago, and we were still that way.

We slip into the apartment, and shut the door. You double lock it quickly and Steve sat on the ratty chair. He puts his head in his hands and exhales.

You take off your hood, and close the blinds and curtains. You eventually froze, so fed up. You tried to keep your head up for Steve, but now it's getting more and more hard. Nat and Clint are probably dead, for all you know.

You didn't realize that tears were running down your face. Shoulders hunched, you slid down the grimy wall and cried. Steve slid down next to you and held you, as you softly cried.

"What do we do, Steve?" You ask quietly, and Steve doesn't answer.


You both went to Tony's bunker, and stayed there. It was normal, like the tower but underground.

He held you when you had nightmares. You and him trained for the day when HYDRA finally takes over and find you guys.

It was hard, because eventually JARVIS figured out that HYDRA was around the bunker. You barely escaped with your lives, only holding a shotgun.

You both went under the grid again, and hid in Colorado for a long time. You both became more broken and defeated, and eventually split up.


You went to Asgard with him.


Barely escaping, you hid the shot wound for a few hours. When he notices you were pale and sweating, clutching your stomach.

You resisted going to a hospital. You'd be on the grid, and they'd find you both. But Clint didn't care. He took you in when you passed out.

When you woke, Clint was gone, and you eventually were found by HYDRA. You fought your way out, and Clint swooped in and killed them all. You both went under the grid again, and for good.


Let's just say no one would mess with the Hulk. He would protect you and you both went to India so Bruce can help people with sickness. You would help too, and HYDRA couldn't find you. Even if they did, they didn't bother, because it was a bad strategy.


You went under the grid, easy. You both moved to Japan, and hid among the people. HYDRA had trouble catching you both, so they eventually gave up.


No one messes with him. He took you to Asgard, just in case.


You both go with Steve, and stay under the grid until the whole thing passes.


He really believed the world was ending.

So you both stayed in Canada, where you were concealed in the woods in a cabin.

Even if HYDRA did find you, you'd both outrun them.


You went with Pietro to Poland, where you were concealed in a village. You guys were safe.

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