"Come Back to Bed"

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I understand if everyone doesn't like me right now for not updating. I hate myself too.


You awake to coldness spreading through your body. Blinking and sitting up, you realize Steve isn't in bed. Where could he be...?

You slide out of bed yourself, tiptoeing to the door and opening it slightly. The kitchen light was on, and Steve was sitting on the counter, with a cup of coffee.

"Steve?" You whisper, and he jumps before realizing it's you.

"What're you doing up, babe?" You slowly wrap your arms around his waist, and he collapses into your arms, like a lost puppy. He sets his coffee aside and hugs you as well. "Babe?" You ask, realizing he's softly crying into your neck.

"Nothing, nothing," he says.

"Don't push me away. I can help you...what's wrong?" You ask, cupping his cheeks. He leans into your right hand, and holding your left in his own.

"It's not the election, is it?" You ask, smiling softly. He chuckles, and says, "No, it's just Bucky, and it's you, and-"

"Oh, I hope I didn't do anything wrong?" You whisper.

"Of course not, baby, you didn't do anything," he says, softly kissing your forehead. "I just worry about you constantly. I want to keep you safe and away from all the bad guys." You sigh. "Steve, don't worry about me," you say, feeling guilty. "I can take care of myself. I'm capable."

"I know you are," he says, smiling softly at you.

"Now, Steve," you say. "Come back to bed, okay?"

He nods, and you lead him back to bed and to a well deserved sleep.


You wake to AC/DC blasting from the lab, followed a big crash, and the music being turned off. Tony swears and Jarvis tells him to be quiet.

So much for that.

You get out of bed, hugging yourself to keep a bit warm and travel to the lab. When you poke your head inside, you're greeted with a sleep deprived Tony.

"Tony, what are you doing up?" You say in a soft voice. Tony notices you and how your shivering. Tony probably forgot to turn on the heat again.

"C'mere, buttercup," he says, and you grumble, "Don't call me buttercup." You still fall into his open arms anyway.

"Come back to bed, Tony," you say. "I'm cold, and I'm tired. With you not with me makes it harder."

"I gotta do something to put food on the table," says Tony, handing you a blanket. You take it and wrap yourself in the soft heaven.

"Thank you. But still, you should come back to bed. Please?" You beg.

"Fine, fine," says Tony, softly smiling to himself. "Jarvis, you can go to bed too."

"Um, sir, I cannot-"

"Eh, you know what I mean," says Tony. "Come on, baby."

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Asgard was a wonderful realm. Thor indulged himself to the feast that everyone prepared for his arrival, and he was out like a light.

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