Different Sides

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So basically, this is when you're on different sides. Self explanatory. I love my Civil War babies.. :')


The look on Steve's face when you told him you were on Tony's side broke your heart.


You were never trying to betray him, at all. You were just thinking for yourself and for the good of the citizens.

So here you are now, standing in an abandoned airport. Strangely, you don't really get along with the others, except Natasha (but only a little bit). Tony was strict and cold. Peter Parker was just an idiot for joining this war. Natasha is her regular self, yet sometimes she seems conflicted. Everyone else is just closed off and rude. It didn't matter to you, though. You were exactly like them.

The group emerges from the building and outside to where the opposite side stood. You purposely avoid eye contact with any of them.

Did I really betray them? You wonder, clenching your fists. You quickly shake your head. No. I'm doing what I want to do. They can't stand in my way.

Tony watches them with a bit of disgrace and for a moment you saw extreme guilt. But you knew it was just the confusion of this situation. They were once our friends.

And still husband.

*whispers* boom huge plot twist

Peter soon came out and snagged Steve's shield from him. Steve's hands are tied together in Peter's web formula. This triggered the battle, everyone surged forward and began to fight.

You almost laugh aloud-did everyone forget you have powerful abilities? You notice Wanda trying to attack with her magic, so you quickly stopped time and slammed your fist into her jaw. Once you resumed time, she fell back.

"You," she hisses.

"Oh yeah," you grin. "Me."

You stop time again and slam your foot into her stomach and drag her up from the ground. Her bloody face made you stop from hurting her further.

She's just a girl.

You resume time and drop her. She shrieks in pain and anger, and she suddenly enters your head. Your head felt like it was on fire. You couldn't help but scream in pain, gripping your head and falling to your knees.

Steve saw the commotion, and Wanda towering over you, and you screaming in pain.

"Wanda, stand down," Steve says, but she doesn't. Instead, she asks, "Why? Isn't she on the opposing side?" You've stopped screaming now, you were trying to fight it.

Wanda felt you were trying to get her out of your head. "Get out!" You shout, and you try to stand up, despite Wanda pressing you down on the ground.

You try and think happy thoughts. Steve. You see Steve, trying to get Wanda to stop.

You stop time. The pain is still there, but it's a dull throb now. You suddenly break free of Wanda's invisible restraints and back away from the pair.

"I'm done," you mutter. "This is all wrong."


"Hello Y/N," says Tony from across the airport.

"Hello, Tony."

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