Midnight Snacks

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You'd grab all sorts of easy to make snacks and hide out in the closet while eating and talking.


You'd set the table and prepare a small dinner and pretend it's a full on five course meal. But in reality, it's a one course meal.


You'd go to the roof and have a picnic under the stars (I so want to do this)


You'd hide in the vents and eat, playing music, and annoying others by throwing bread crusts at them.


You'd eat in the lab, and eat on the floor next to the huge window and look at the city.


You'd eat on the floor in the living room while watching tv.


He'd snap his fingers and a plate of food will appear in front of you both. Perks of having a boyfriend with magic, am I right?


You would go to a 24 hour cafe and eat there, just wanting some space from the responsibilities from SHIELD.


You'd guys go hang in your room and order pizza and gossip about agents in SHIELD.


You'd guys make an awesome dessert, and eat the whole thing before two am.

Wow this was bad I'm sorry 😅

G-Eazy makes me happy. Baii

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