Chapter 12

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Forest's POV
A week after the first test.


Chris had organized a team of graders for the first test so the fact that I couldn't sleep was driving me insane.

Everyday there seemed to be some piece of information that was crucial to the competition, some random story that a newspaper or news channel was doing on me, some old story of me that came up out of no where and I had to defend myself. Each day was a huge mountain that seemed to grow as I began my climb up its side.

A knock sounded on my door and I started as Chris walked in, a folder in hand.

"Results." He said simply, dropping the folder onto my surprisingly organized desk, I made a mental note to thank Lindsey, my secretary.

I flipped open the folder, blinking away the fatigue and began scanning the names, there were a few that were highlighted green and a few that were highlighted yellow.

"The green ones are those who had passed the form test portion and the yellows are those who exceeded expectations on the first test," Chris said as if reading my mind. I continued flipping pages to see if any names were highlighted in both. "Last page is one with both."

I flashed him a grin as he sunk onto the bed, crumpling the sheets, and kicked off his shoes, tucking his arms behind his head.

"Some girl in section 2, Alison, I think," he said sighing.

I nodded, "Alright, have you sent the results out?" I asked, closing the folder and looking up at him.

"Yeah, they'll receive the news in a few hours, the downloads were still sending when I left."

I gave a nod, "Alright."

The room settled into silence and a few minutes later Chris' breathing became even and I flipped through the papers again, reading the names, trying to commit them to memory.






And slowly but surely my head dropped and I fell asleep as well.


Emma's POV

It was Monday, the second Monday since the test and tensions were high.

Grace and I had started talking again, thankfully, we had both lamented about the fact that we both failed the test and had re-bonded over ice cream and the Harry Potter movies.

But when I walked into the study hall time at the end of the day and saw the stack of papers on Mrs. Brack's desk my heart started beating really fast.

I sat down after the daily high five from Regan and after the bell rang, Mrs. Brack stood and picked up the stack of papers, beginning to pass them out as she started speaking to us.

"We got the results for the first test," she said, slowly making her way to my desk in the back, "remember there are only ten students from each school that will make it to the next round, so don't feel bad if you didn't make it, it was hard competition and an even harder test."

My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest it was pounding so hard. When I finally got my results it's almost stopped.

Emma Gordon,

Thank you for participating in my competition, and congratulations on making it onto the next round! I can't wait for the next test date to see if you'll make it on!
I'll let you in on a secret, the answer is always there if you look hard enough.

Forest Johnston

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