Chapter 17

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Forest's POV

The room behind the doors exploded and I was pushed through the now open doors by a very pokey clipboard and my lips stretched into a smile and my hand came up and was waving and everyone was screaming and I didn't know what to think or say or do--

A man handed me a microphone and I cleared my throat, still smiling and trying to not make my discomfort and lack of brains apparent.


Emma's POV

"Congrats!" Forest said, his effortless grin still lit up on his face and the crowd roared, "Are you excited?" Another roar. "Well so am I." He chuckled.

"What a fake." I heard Brett mumble, which (although it was totally rude, what the heck Brett) asured me that I still had eardrums.

"I just want you all to know that even if you don't make it to the final test today or even all the way to the finish, I am to proud and honored that you all chose to take part in this contest!" Forest was saying, "So good luck, and" his grin turned into an almost sly smirk, "may the odds be ever in your favor."

The crowd roared his approval and with one more wave, Forest made his way back to where he had come from and the math teacher was yelling over the din for us to follow her. So I made my way to what would be the hardest test of my life following Brett, who grumbled about Forest the entire way to the classroom.


Forest's POV

I was ushered back in to the hallway and Chris chuckled at the face I pulled.

"Come on, by the end of today that mass of people will be narrowed down to one," Chris said, still laughing as I sighed but followed him and the few attendants back down the hallway to a room they had placed aside for me.


Emma's POV

We were led to one of the classrooms along one of the main hallways, followed by another group from a different school. When the door was unlocked we all filed in and found the desk with our name on it.

"Alright, students!" The other teacher said, smiling widely. "This is round one of the quiz show! The way this will work is there will be two winners in every room every time. The rest of you will unfortunately be ending your journey to be in the top ten from this section." She pulled a pouty face but then was smiling again as she happily added, "Good Luck!"

And that was that, the math teacher who had led us to the room had pulled up the quiz show questions on the projector and we were numbered off one through twenty to answer questions. Then came the hard part: if you answered a question wrong you were immediately disqualified and had to sit down. Within the first round five people had already sat down and five more were looking sick. Brett had a gleam in his eye and I was twisting my hair around one of my fingers as we watched another person sit down as the questions changed from math to geography.

Three more from geography to US history.

Two more from US history to US government.

One more from US government to Ancient Civilizations.

Ancient Civilizations turned to math again and then to history of Great Britain and that's when five more fell.

Brett, me and one other person, a girl with mousy hair and sharp eyes, were left.

One more would fall and I did not want it to be me.





I'm so sorry for the late update! I've been sick and this is the last few weeks of school, there are so many tests, normal, AP and ACT that I've been so busy, I'll try to just publish whenever I can.

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