Chapter 28

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The day Forest and Chris showed up the me and the other eleven winners were eating breakfast. The second Forest walked in Cora straightened up immediately and put on a wide smile.

Everyone but Forest noticed and we all collectively rolled our eyes.

"Good morning everyone," Forest said happily as Chris walked in behind him. Everyone responded differently, ranging from "hello"s and "good morning"s and "morning"s.

"We have news," Forest continued with a glance at Chris, which made me think that they were going to announce that they were having a kid or something, "We are going on our first trip to Spain." A smile flashed across his face as everyone sat up straighter and a few people commented on the statement. "We'll be going with a few friends of mine to help in a volunteer effort to clean up their beaches and raise awareness for tourists to keep the beaches of every country, not just Spain clean."

"Volunteering is always a good thing to do, especially with the platform that Forest and now you all have," Chris added stepping forward a half step to stand almost beside Forest as he noticed a few slumped shoulders.

"You should all pack your bags, we leave in five hours," Forest said with a slight smile, clasping his hands in front of himself. "We'll be there for a week so bring all that you'll need for that much time."

With that Forest turned and left. Chris followed him after an almost apologetic smile and a, "see you all soon."

As the door closed behind them voices rose from the dining hall. Spain? Yes please!

"I know, like, no Spanish," Cora was saying, "so Forest will have to translate for me, he knows like five languages."

Alison rolled her eyes muttering about Forest not caring about whether or not Cora could understand the natives as she finished her toast then stood. "Coming?" She asked me and I nodded, stuffing the rest of my omelet in my mouth and getting up.

In Forest's mansion there were three cooks. One for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. They were all amazing. The food for every meal (and ever snack) was delectable, I could eat anything they put in front of me and more. There was always a very wide variety of foods to chose from and just to prove it I had had something different every day for all three meals since I came to the mansion.

Alison and I climbed the grand staircase towards the wing where the girls were staying. Our rooms were across the hall from each other. Sometimes I felt like a contestant in a competition like The Selection whenever I walked around alone. It was so easy to imagine wearing dresses as you walked along in the lavishly decorated hallways and rooms of Forest's mansion.

I was beginning to get lost in thought again but Alison tugged on my arm holding a finger to her lips. My eyebrows scrunched together as I tried to find out why she had stopped us when I heard two voices talking. It took me a second to recognize them as Forest and Chris and a second longer to figure out the subject of their conversation.


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