Chapter 31

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I came in the back door of the mansion and could hear voices talking upstairs so I climbed the stairs and saw just about everyone standing around in the hallway outside of the library. Cora had taken over the conversation and Joe, her only 'friend' was standing slightly behind her. I just caught a very subtle eye roll that seemed to always happen whenever Cora opened her mouth but never where she could see. You didn't want to upset her, it would just get worse.

"While we're in Spain I don't think I'll ever take off my bikini," Cora was saying with a giant smile that seemed so fake I had to catch myself before I rolled my eyes where she could see me. "I just had one of the maids go out and buy me a few new ones," she said a satisfied smirk resting on her face, a glint appearing in her eyes.

Alison didn't stop herself, as Cora caught sight of the movement of Alison's eyes she sneered, her smile suddenly gone. Uh oh.

"You're eyes will get stuck like that if you're not careful," she said a smirk settling on her lips. "I think it would be an upgrade from you're current look you have going right now." Her blue eyes scanned Alison taking in her slightly unruly and curly brown hair and her now crinkling nose decorated with freckles.

Alison's arms crossed over her chest, "At least I'm not a fake bi—"

I cleared my throat loudly over Alison's insult and grabbed her arm, forcing a laugh as I tugged her down the hallway as Cora's face started turning almost as red as James' hair and her hands were curling into fists. "I need some help stuffing everything in my bag, Alison!" I said loudly.

Alison was grumbling and I could hear Harper loudly offering everyone some chocolate. A second later Gerald appeared at my side, just as Alison shook my hand off of her arm.

"Nasty," Gerald said shooting Alison a smirk, "didn't know you had it in you."

Alison turned on him and I shoved her along to keep moving down the hallway, "calm down, would you?" I said with a slight smile, "we're going to Spain."

She sighed loudly, "I wish Cora would sprain her whole body and leave us alone." She muttered which made Gerald crack up.

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes, then I blinked, remembering my awkward conversation with Forest. "Ugh." I groaned.

"What?" The two of them asked in unison, looking to me.

"I finished packing, and went outside," I said to which Alison responded with a snarky comment of "so you don't need my help then." I shook my head with a small smile at her then continued. "You know that willow tree in the garden?" They both nodded. "I went there—"

"Logical place to go," Gerald said with one of his dazzling smiles.

I ignored him. "But someone was there."

"An Axe Murderer!!" Alison said and jumped in front of us raising her hands like she was holding an axe and growling, Gerald offered her a very fake whimper of fear. She straightened up and frowned at him. "Butt face."

"Forest." I said.

They both stopped and slowly looked at me.

"What?" Alison blinked just as "Wow Mr. Johnston himself? Emma getting in with he heavy hitters." Came from Gerald.

"I asked him what kind of bread he liked," I said miserably. "I panicked."

They both cracked up as I buried my face in my hands, "guys." I groaned.

It took them a while to calm down, making many jokes about different types of bread at my expense and I was sure my face was beet red.

Gerald patted my shoulder, "What is his favorite type of bread?" He asked with a smirk as Alison started giggling again.

I sighed, rolling my eyes and started walking down the hall again towards my room. I needed to lie down and try to bury my embarrassment in the multitude of fluffy pillows on my queen bed.

"Emma!" Alison cried.

I turned a corner then shook my head, back tracking to look back at the pair of them, "white bread," I said with a slight smile. "See you on the plane weirdos."

"You're the weirdo!" Gerald called back helpfully, then I quickly ducked back into the hallway and continued to my room with the echoes of Alison and Gerald's renewed laughter as they reviewed what they thought the conversation between Forest and me would have sounded like following me.

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