Hot & Cold

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Edward was slow to pull out but rough and fast on the return, forcing her to fall against her forearms. His groan was deep, as the move seemed to push him further inside her. His fingers tightened around hers, almost to the point of pain. The kind she had no idea she would like and now that she had it, it would be hard to let it go.

"Fuck, you feel too good," he said roughly near her ear. Instead of slowing down as she expected, he pushed inside her faster, she couldn't believe he had been holding back. She called out his name as the hand on her hip cupped her roughly, the slap of his palm against her clit made her eyes roll back. "That's it," he hummed and sucked on her neck and shoulder. "Come on, give it to me." Bella rested her head on her forearm laying against the door, and pushed her hips back with every snap of his. "Fuck!"

Words were lost to her, but she heard herself say something that seemed to drive him. Her arms would likely bruise and she didn't give a shit. She gathered enough strength to lift their intertwined fingers from the door and grip her breast.

"Fucking hell, woman," he grunted and tightened their grip over her. "No fucking shame, thank God." She trembled as he pinched and pulled at her nipple, his hand ascended her chest and settled around the base of her throat. She moaned her approval as he turned her face enough to slant his mouth over hers. Her eyes clenched tight but snapped open when the fingers between her thighs rubbed her hard. She screamed into his mouth and toward the ceiling when he pulled away to breathe.

Bella's knees weakened as her body gave into the waves of pleasure, as he continued thrusting inside her, only prolonging the head-on crash. He grunted her name against her shoulder a few strokes after her, his teeth marking her once more. How they managed to stay upright, she had no idea. Her body felt depleted, yet energized – sated, but willing to receive more.

Then she was cold. Despite her inability to think straight after that action, she could sense him pulling away and not just physically.

"I'll be right back."

She didn't bother to turn around, just nodded. When she no longer heard his footsteps behind her, she sighed and looked around, desperate to find something to wear. There was no way she was strutting around naked if he turned back into an asshole. Nearly stumbling, her legs slightly tingling, she walked past their wet clothes. No matter how awkward it could be, she was not putting on her torn dress.

She saw a red plaid flannel shirt on a peg by the door and slipped into that before making her way into the kitchen. The glasses were easy to find and she helped herself to water. If Edward didn't like her doing it, he could kiss her ass for all she cared.

All right, she was pissed. She hadn't expected him to pull back so quickly, especially after that. At the very least, she thought he'd be courteous enough to show her where the bathroom was, the ass. She shook her head and tried to wade through the sex haze he left her in, alone.

What did you expect?

"I'm sorry," he said behind her, near the sink. "I went to grab some towels and a wash cloth." She looked over her shoulder and saw him looking at her legs, especially her thighs. Placing the glass on the counter, she turned to face him. She shouldn't have jumped to conclusions, but he had to know that him leaving as he did, seconds after, would bother her. Still, she had to play it off, because what else was she supposed to do when he looked ready to fucking run.

"You gonna do something with that wash cloth?" she asked, lifting his shirt she was wearing higher to show her the evidence of their interlude on her thighs. His eyes widened for a moment then narrowed as he stalked toward her. Without a word, he lifted her onto the counter and spread her knees apart. "Edward?"

She kept her hands on his arms, watching him as he undid the last few buttons of his shirt for better access. He grabbed her right ankle, forcing her to support herself on her hands. She didn't ask anything as he placed her foot on the cool counter, opening her further for his eyes. He gently glided the soft, warm, and wet towel along the inside of her thighs but kept his eyes on hers. How could such an act be erotic and tender at the same time? She tried to keep her breathing level, but that went out the window the moment he gently cleaned between her thighs. The only evidence of his state was the slight flare of his nostrils and his cock hardening before her eyes. He tossed the towel into the sink and pulled her to the edge of the counter.

His hand delved into her hair as he brushed his lips over hers. "I want you again."

"Yes," she whispered before he teased her bottom lip with his teeth. He partially slid inside her, as if testing to make sure she was okay. "Edward, more, please." His groan matched her echoing moan when he thrust fully inside her.

Consequences be damned, she told herself. She'd been through a lot and pulled through, and she would when all this with Edward ended. Until something gave, she would enjoy it.


Hours later, she woke up in his bedroom alone. From the feel of the cold fabric behind her, she had been for quite a while. She looked at the clock beside his big, comfortable bed and realized she'd only been asleep for a few hours. That meant he left shortly after they showered, fucked again, and she had fallen asleep in his arms.

She had a feeling he didn't sleep much, since his bedroom looked barely lived in aside for the area near the dresser and closet. She wasn't unfamiliar with soldiers suffering from insomnia and PTSD, and had witnessed such occurrences several times. She also knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to call him on it, because he'd likely deny it.

Her stomach decided to remind her she hadn't eaten much since they arrived. They only grabbed a snack between the kitchen sex and the small tour of the cabin he'd given her. She jumped out of bed and went through her bag to find a pair of dark grey lace boxers. They were cute and one of her favorites.

She didn't see Edward on the way to the kitchen, but decided she'd at least look in on him after she grabbed a bite to eat. A quick rummage through the fridge and she struck gold. Within a few minutes, she had some tomato and cheese sandwiches on a skillet as she heated up some homemade tomato soup Esme left for her son. She sang along to the music she had playing from her iPod that was sitting on the counter.

The same counter Edward fucked her on.

"That's going to burn if you don't flip it."

"Oh shit," she yelped and did what he said, blushing at the fact that he caught her staring at the stupid counter. She turned to ask if he was hungry. Dressed in well-worn jeans, he stood there shirtless, his face full of shaving cream about to say something else, but instead she screamed, "What the fuck are you doing?"

His eyes widened and dropped the razor and towel he had in his hands.

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