Tears of the Past

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Bella wasn't sure she wanted to reach the cabin, considering the discussion they'd have once they arrived. Edward's silence was like a third passenger that sat between them, with a blank look on his face. He'd yet to meet her eyes since the moment she insisted on driving after his seizure. He hadn't fought her, but there was no doubt he hated that she had asked. He saw it as a weakness.

Being the kind of man he was, she could understand where he was coming from. He'd always been the one to take care of things, and now, as she drove them to their destination, she was taking care of him.

"You're not supposed to be driving, are you?"

"No," he grunted, leaving it at that. She purposely drove into a deep hole on the dirt road, causing him to curse and grab hold of the "oh shit" bar over his window. He leveled a look at her that would have melted titanium, but instead of cowering as he expected, she met him head on with a glare of her own. His gaze dipped down to her lips, and for just a millisecond, he appeared amused before he schooled his features. "I'd like for us to make it to the cabin alive, Bella."

It wasn't often that he said her name, and she could count the number of times with both hands. Yet, every time he did, often in the heat of a moment and whispered against her neck, she melted. The man had too much power over her and yet seemed unaware of it. Hell, she was positive that he wouldn't want it anyway. She was angry that he kept something so vitally important to his health from her, especially since she was staying with him.

Since they arrived at his cabin days earlier, she had worked up the courage to explain her past to him. Every time she had, she utterly failed when faced with the possibility that he'd send her packing. What would she do then? Turn tail and run; it was something she was good at when faced with uncertainty. Finding a new identity wouldn't be hard, and maybe it was time to leave the states. Her Italian wasn't so bad. Yet, the idea of leaving Edward, sweet Esme, and cute Carlisle made her sick to her stomach.

It was clear that it was time for each of them to face their pasts, and see if there was a possibility of a future. If only Edward would stop appearing as if he was facing an execution, she wouldn't feel so nervous.

It was dark by the time she pulled up to the side of Edward's cabin. They hadn't left any lights on, since they usually made it home just after sunset. Circumstances being what they were, Bella felt out of place, awkward in her own skin. Edward's silence didn't help, especially once the truck's headlights turned off after the engine stopped.

"I'm not going to like what you have to say, am I?"

"It was the past, Edward, remember that going in. It'll only affect us if you let it." He only nodded in response, exiting the truck without any assistance. She tried to catch up to him when they reached the door that led into a mudroom and laundry. "Wait up."

"I can fucking walk," he hissed, toeing out of his boots. His hand rose to the collars of his shirts at the nape of his neck, and he removed them, tossing them in a basket near the washer.

"Did I say you couldn't?" she asked, removing her shoes, since there was some mud on them, too. "You were a horrible patient, weren't you?"

"They called me Satan's Twin during my stay at the center," he said. His tone was flat and uninterested, but quick to add, "No idea why."

"Really? I find that so difficult to believe," she said with sarcasm heavy in her tone, pasting a smile on her face.

He walked right into the kitchen, not even bothering to see if she'd follow. The fridge was his destination and its door was almost a casualty of his growing anger. Looking in, he searched the contents inside with unseeing eyes.

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