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Bella couldn't help but shiver, her body thrumming with anticipation. She wanted Edward, and even though he promised her nothing, she wanted this thing with him anyway. He'd likely break her heart, and the dangerous thought nearly had her pulling back from him. A well-timed groan of pleasure from him had her answering in kind and giving into her need rather than the logic.

The door closed behind them and he pressed her tightly against it. "Damn, you taste good," he said, his voice not as smooth as before. It sent a shiver of desire through her.

"Y-you sound surprised." How she was able to form a few coherent words was beyond her.

His head shook twice, but his eyes remained on her lips. "I shouldn't be, but you taste better than before." The heated look in his eyes had her wanting to test his control. She swept her lips with the tip of her tongue and hoped he'd lose it.

Perhaps in that loss, he'd face what was happening between them. Don't count it, she reminded herself.

"Fuck." He pulled her against him harder with a hand on her ass, guiding one of her thighs high up his waist. She responded with a raspy version of his name and a roll of her hips. He replied in equal measure with a hard thrust of his cock between her thighs. Even wet from the rain, it felt phenomenal, but she needed more.

"Too many clothes," she said as she pulled away, her fingers struggling to work a button on his plaid shirt loose. "Damn it, they're too wet." He placed her on her feet and stepped back, his darkening gaze moving over her with the same precision he did everything else. It felt like a touch, and one that held her frozen. He tore at a few of his buttons, lifting an arm over his shoulder to pull both shirts off at the same time and tossing them aside. She moaned when his tight abdomen came into view, her fingers itching to explore every inch of him.

Giving into her need, she tugged at one of the belt loops of his wet jeans. He grunted and nearly stumbled into her, but caught himself with his palms settling on each side of her head on the door behind her. He watched her fingers lightly skim along the sexy trail of hair that led to what she wanted to taste again.

Did I say that aloud?

His hips bucked as if he read her thoughts and wanted her to fulfill her desire. "Christ, what did I tell you about your unfiltered mouth?" Oops. His question brought to mind that night at his parents where he threatened to toss her over his shoulder and that she wouldn't see sun for days.

Any embarrassment left her the moment his hands settled on her hips, sliding around to cup her ass. He was far from gentle, his palms rough on some of her skin he managed to touch. She loved how it felt and wanted his hands all over her. They continued up her back, along her sides until he filled his hands with her breasts. The trail was slow and a delicious torture to her sensitive nerves. The heat of his touch over the cold, wet fabric of her clothes surprised her, but she welcomed it with a breathy whimper of his name and a plea for more.

"I'd apologize for the dress—" he said as he roughly pulled at the fabric of her cardigan and summer dress, "but it's keeping me from you." The sound of torn seams nearly rang in her ears, amplifying the need to be free from all barriers.

Bella moaned his name, her head falling back against the door. The air in the cabin was cool against her still wet skin, but his mouth soon delivered the heat she craved and needed. "Please." She never begged for anything in all her life, but there she was, ready to just so he could get her off.

He had to work the wet, torn fabric off her body with slick but warm hands, all the while curses uttered from between his lips. It wasn't fast enough for him and far from it for her. Needing to do something with her hands, she tugged once again at his jeans, finding it difficult to loosen the button or zipper.

"Enough of this shit," he said, his voice rough and deep. He pulled away to get out of his boots, jeans, and boxers, never taking his dark gaze off her. She squirmed under his watchful eyes and continued to push off the remnants of her wet dress that still clung on her hips. His hand lifted and rubbed at his mouth, watching as everything fell around her feet with a soft splat. He was on her the second she was free, one of his hands tugging her head back by the hair and his mouth latching onto the patch of skin over the thudding pulse on her neck.

His lips moved to a scant inch from her ear and whispered, "Are you cold?"

She should have been, still wet from the rain, but she was far from cold. Bella couldn't form any words as he slipped his hand between her thighs, shaking her head in reply. Her knees threatened to give way as two of his fingers slipped her underwear aside and slowly thrust inside her. He captured whatever broken sound she made with his lips, sliding his tongue along hers. She felt his breathing turn choppier as he continued to push her to the brink. Careful not to touch any of his scars, her hands settled on his shoulders, the bite of her nails there seemed to fuel him.

"Touch me," he groaned breathlessly, pressing his forehead to hers and watching her lips part on her next breath. "Put your hand on my c-cock…" His words became incoherent as she did what he demanded. "F-fuck, that's it…just like that." She swept her hand toward the tip of his length, twisting slightly and earning a slew of curses. His lips were almost brutal on their return to her mouth, his tongue as commanding. Just when she felt her body tremble with the need to release, building up to such intensity, his fingers left her. She cried out and tried to keep his hand where it was by clenching her thighs together, making him laugh. "Not this time, Bella. This time, I want to feel you come around my cock."

"Keep talking like that and you'll be too late." The taunt tone in her voice was clear, her own hand slipping down her body where she needed him most.

He stopped her nimble fingers and bit her shoulder then, making her feel slightly delirious. The sting along with the touch of his tongue made it feel incredible. His hands grasped her hips tightly and she saw the war in his eyes, before they closed to keep her from his thoughts. Without a word, he turned her to face the door, his hands placing hers exactly where he wanted them to stay. They were shoulder width apart, over her head, as he told her to spread her legs, too. He shifted her lower body so that her ass thrust out in invitation.

She looked over her shoulder to find his eyes on the last remaining barrier between them. His fingers skimmed along the lacy edge, testing them both. A simple shift of her legs made him hiss, his eyes on her ass as his fingers suddenly gripped the fabric and tearing them on one side in his haste. She wiggled her hips from side to side and kicked them away, and nearly laughed on how his gaze followed the movements. A sound caught in his throat as his hands grabbed a hold of her and he teased her with the head of his cock.

"Oh God, please, please, Edward." Her voice had risen in pitch and volume as he continued to tease her further. A little push and pull had her pleading for more, and he slid his cock over her sensitive skin, nudging her clit with the tip but never slipping inside. Her cheek lay on the smooth, cold wood, the warmth of her skin made the difference in temperature almost hurt. She shivered with anticipation as one of his hands coiled in her hair, pulling at it slightly.

"Hang on," he grunted and thrust inside hard and fast. She bit her arm to keep from screaming, but he only tugged her lips away by her hair. His lips slanted over hers for a hard but brief kiss. "I want to hear you call out my name. It's only me and you this time." Her cheeks flushed at the reminder of their encounter in her hallway while his mother was downstairs. He relinquished the hold in her hair and slipped his fingers over hers on the door while the other tightened around her waist. "You're going to have bruises here." He tapped a short beat along the flare of her hips.

"Yes, yes, please."

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