Five Years Later

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"Peyton," Edward called out once he removed his muddied boots. He added gravel to the driveway, hoping to avoid tracking so much mud into the house. Bella would be pissed as fuck if he dirtied up the floors.

The sound of running footsteps seemed to echo in the hall until his daughter slid to a stop in front of him on her mismatched socks. Reddish brown curls swayed around her little face, as she held up one of Bella's old cameras.

"Say cheese, Daddy!"

He grinned and waited until the flashed cleared before he made a grab for her. As she giggled and squirmed in his arms, he blew a raspberry on her tummy. "Where's Mommy?"

"Room," Peyton said, struggling to get a few wayward curls from her eyes. "It smells icky in there."

Edward sighed. Bella was on her nesting kick with baby two on the way. "Let's go see what she's doing."


At three, Peyton was a precocious, sassy little girl that had everyone she knew eating out of the palm of her hand. She had his green eyes, her mother's smile and skin tone, and more attitude than both of them combined. Despite her lovely looks, she was her father's daughter through and through. She preferred her flannel shirts and jeans over her dresses, but there was always some pastel color ribbon in her riot of curls.

"Hey, pretty momma," he said, leaning against the doorframe. Before his wife turned to face him, a smile tugged at her lips. She looked great in blue maternity dress that showed off her breasts and fit snug around her ass. He'd been up at the cabin for a few days to gather firewood for the winter ahead. Since she was about ready to pop with their son, they decided to say in town instead of atop the mountain. He missed her and needed her. "What's up?"

"My water just broke, so it better not be you."

He choked on a laugh as Peyton giggled at the face her mommy was making. "Right on time, I guess."

Bella grimaced and held onto the crib. "Oh boy, let's go. If this is anything like last time, we'll barely make it."

"On it." He pulled out his cell phone as he slipped into Peyton's room to grab a bag they packed for a situation like this. "Hey, Rose, she's in labor. We're dropping off Peyton and then heading down to the hospital."

Rosalie covered her phone to say something and came back on the phone. "Emmett said he'd escort you, we don't want her to give birth on the side of the road again." He said his goodbye and helped Peyton and Bella into the SUV they had bought the year before.

"Oh my God," Bella cried out, holding onto her stomach, her forehead resting on the cool glass. "I don't think we're going to make it."

Edward stepped on the gas, barely coming to a full stop in Emmett's driveway. Jasmine and Rosalie met him there, taking Peyton and her things with them. He waved at Emmett, waiting in his cruiser, his lights coming on as he drove away.




They made it to the hospital, but due to a complication, they had to wheel in Bella into surgery within minutes. His father talked them into allowing him to stay and Bella insisted on local anesthesia, wanting to be awake to greet her son. Within thirty minutes, Joseph Michael Tyler Cullen was born. He was a fighter, like his mother and father, refusing to leave her side as the nurse held him close so she could see him.

Edward was in awe as he saw his boy hold onto his mother for dear life, his lips on her jaw as tears slipped down her cheek. They laughed as he started to cry the second the nurse turned away to get him cleaned up. He kissed Bella's forehead, before joining the two people with his son and making sure he was okay. The moment Joseph lay in his arms, they led him out of the OR, where he waited for Bella to join him in the recovery room.

The next morning, Peyton climbed onto Bella's bed to meet her little brother. "He looks yucky." Their family laughed as Peyton scrunched her nose but kissed the top of her brother's head. Exhausted, Bella asked for a kiss and hugged her daughter as Edward offered to hold his son. As Peyton described to her what she did the night before with Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasmine, his mother showed him how to change his diaper. Apparently, it was much different from little girls, there was dodging streams and lifting involved.

Soon, Joseph started to cry. "Someone's hungry." Carlisle left to finish his rounds, confirming with Peyton about the ice cream he promised earlier. As Edward watched Joseph latch onto Bella's nipple, their daughter watched in fascination.

"Those were Daddy's, Mommy," she said loudly, making Bella snicker, his mother snort and him blush like an idiot. "That's what he said. I hears him."

"I never said that," Edward said gruffly, tossing his daughter over his shoulder. Ignoring her sweet giggles for the moment, he kissed his wife. "While you feed the baby, I'm going to feed our daughter."

As he exited the room, he heard his mother and he wanted a hole to swallow him up. "You'd think he'd stop being embarrassed with how many times we've caught you with your pants down."

"By every one of our friends," Bella added, but sighed wistfully. "I hope it'll always be that way." It would be, he'd make sure of it.

Walking down the hall, he recognized the waiting room where he first met Bella. Six and half years later, in the same hospital, she was his wife, mother of his two beautiful children, and he knew right then, that life would only get better.

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