The Rain

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If he didn't stop her, he'd come down her throat much too soon. Any other time, he wouldn't mind, especially when she seemed to enjoy what she was doing, but he wanted to be deep inside her when he came. Slipping from her mouth with a groan, he lifted her up and walked her toward the shower, and to the convenient steps that led to the large tub in the corner. He tapped her shapely ass, placed one of her feet on the step above, and pressed his chest along her back. She moaned deeply as he teased her from behind.

"Bend forward and hold on," he said hoarsely, his eyes focused on the sight of his cock sliding on her slick skin. A husky whimper of his name had him thrusting inside her the moment her hands grabbed hold of the tub's edge. "You feel so good." He kept a slow, torturous pace, his calloused hands roaming every one of her curves. His lips and tongue nipped along her back. She moaned in tandem with each buck of his hips. He held her close, gently nibbling on her neck and shoulders. His hand curled around a breast and the other slipped between her thighs. "Mine." The word was a chant on his lips her acknowledge of it, drove him to move faster. His thighs burned when he finally felt her clench around him, her hoarse cry echoing in the room. It was all too much and two erratic thrusts later, he spilled inside her.

Spent and utterly exhausted, he had enough strength to lift her up and place her on the bed. His hand swept some of the silky, but messy hair away from her face. She gave him a sleepy smile, flopping down on the mattress. "I can't move."

His laughter caught him by surprise, but he ignored the warning his mind gave him. "I'll finish up with the food, you stay here."

"'Kay," she said, her fingers skimming along his hip. The tiny move had him rethinking his priorities. Her stomach rumbling brought them back in order. "Hurry back." Lying on his bed, with her hair fanned out and looking freshly fucked, he had a hard time leaving. Her eyes fluttered closed, one knee bent while the other fell slightly to the side, giving him one hell of a view.

"Damn," he said and walked backward toward the door. "I'll be back in a few." Unaware of what she was doing to him, she only hummed in acknowledgement. He jogged to the kitchen, and started up the soup and put another frying pan on the stove. After a quick double check to see that he was alone, he grabbed his keys and fished out his meds from a locked cabinet in the mudroom.

He eyed the half dozen pills of various colors with some disgust. There was no reason to tell her, he told himself. She would never know. Things between them would end before it became an issue. If he told himself that enough times, maybe he'd believe it.


"Stay close, Bella," he warned her, once they reached the destination he had in mind. Once a month, he searched his property for fallen trees to harvest for firewood. He supplied about twenty percent of the community's supply. There was plenty in storage, but with winter temperatures falling a little more each year, he wanted more stock on hand.

From the moment they drove up the meadow, her eyes and mind were on the scenery and what shots to line up. For the last few days, they woke up at dawn, usually with her lips around him, or his head between her thighs. They'd have breakfast and head out to explore his property. He marked fallen trees on his hand drawn map, cut firewood, or burs for his art pieces, though she had no idea of that. She'd have her camera equipment with her, lugging it around to get that elusive perfect shot.

"This place is amazing," she whispered. He tried not to be amused. She had the habit of making him laugh, not an easy feat by any means.

"Why are you whispering?" His question had the effect he hoped for, she startled and pouted at him.

"You make me crazy."

"Feeling is mutual," he said, tossing her a water bottle. "Stay fucking hydrated this time. If you faint on me again, I'll spank your ass. You hear me?" She looked at the bottle and back at him with a little gleam in her eyes. "I mean it. We're too far up the mountain if something happens to you."

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