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"Make up sex is awesome," Bella said, still panting from the workout Edward had given her within step of her front door. His husky, post-orgasm laughter was rich—a sound she loved. Calloused fingers danced up her spine, eliciting another curl of desire to move through her. She hoped it would always be like that between them.

"There's plenty more to come but you have to give me twenty minutes before I can deliver again." His hand that made its way to her ass, lifted, and gave her a light smack. It was just enough to test how she'd react.

Bella giggled and hummed, nuzzling her nose and mouth against his neck. Her reaction had the desired effect and made him groan aloud. If it hadn't been for the hard floor beneath them, she'd remain snuggled up in his arms.

The crunch of gravel outside caught their attention. Edward groaned, "My mother has perfect timing."

Bella couldn't help another peal of laughter as she rose onto her unsteady feet. "How do you know it's her?"

"I know what her car sounds like. Besides, she said they'd stop to see us and bring food." That was a good thing, since she didn't have much left, since they'd taken it to the cabin the week before.

"She's got impeccable timing as always, come on," she said, offering her hand. For a second, Edward looked at her outstretched fingers as if they contained the plague. It was gone quickly, replaced with his usual mask of indifference. She knew he hated to show an ounce of weakness, but he had a bad leg that cramped up on him. It hadn't been her first thought when she offered. She simply wanted to help him up, as he would've done the same if their positions were in reverse.

His eyes slid up her arm to her face, as if he were searching for any signs of what she was thinking. With one last lingering gaze, he slipped his hand in hers and used the other on the door to rise to his feet. He managed to keep from groaning aloud, but she caught the way his jaw tightened.

"Hello, darlings, we're here," Esme called from the porch, knocking and giggling shortly after. "Carlisle, I think we may have come at a bad time." The doorbell rang a couple of times.

"It serves them right since we'd be in bed right now if you hadn't insisted on coming to see them."

Bella tried not to laugh, considering Edward was choking on whatever he planned to say. He obviously was painfully aware of the implications of what his father had said. "I'll go clean up," he whispered to Bella, scooping up his clothes and pressing a hard kiss to her lips.

"Chicken," she hissed at him, as she quickly started to slip on her clothes.

"I'll be right out, besides I'm sure you can handle my parents." He seemed oddly proud of that fact and winked. Damn him and his ability to render me speechless, Bella thought. She shooed him away and did her best to finger comb her hair, much in the same way she'd done the week before. Had it only been that long since Edward tasted her in her kitchen? It felt much longer and likely because so much had happened since that morning.

She took a fortifying breath and opened the door. "Hi," she said, unable to do anything about how flushed her skin appeared. She was usually pale but it was still warm, so she hoped Edward's parents would believe she was slightly sunburned.

On the spot, she tried to come up with an excuse to buy time for Edward. "Your son is getting dressed, he'll be right out." Her eyes widened and she slapped her hand, much too late, over her mouth. "I mean…he uh," she tried, but Esme only smiled and patted her shoulder. She gestured for them to come inside, choosing instead to keep her mouth shut.

"We get the idea, dear," Esme said, smiling.

Carlisle followed his wife, his blue eyes bright. "Of course I understand. Clearly, my son spilled something on his shirt and had to change into another." Carlisle had said it so seriously, that Bella believed she managed to fool him, until he winked.

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