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Bella's hands held onto the edge of her counter, with a white-knuckled grip, like Edward asked her. His dark gaze remained on hers as he bent enough to nip at her knee. The blend of rough and soft of his beard and lips almost tickled as much as it seared her through and through.

She moaned as he swept his tongue along the inside of her thigh.

Eyes rolling back, she lifted one hand to hold onto the cabinet behind her head. "Edward," she groaned and hissed on her next breath.

He soothed the bite of his teeth at the top of her inner thigh with the wet and welcomed heat of his tongue.

"Oh fuck."

His chuckle had more curses slipping out of her, the vibration a damn tease of things to come—hopefully her.

It wouldn't take long for her to finish. It had been so long since she'd felt such pleasure and she never had someone lavish so much attention with his mouth.

His hands spread her knees further apart, opening her up as his fingers danced up her thighs. As he licked and hummed, he filled her with two and made her cry out.

Unable to hold back her sounds, she gripped the edge of the counter tighter, bucking her hips. She begged with each lift for more of his mouth and tongue. He delivered a sucking kiss, sealing his lips around where she throbbed.

"So close," she moaned, delving her fingers into his too long hair. It curled around his ears, felt soft beneath her touch, but she encountered something rough and out of place. Before she could examine the scar further, he shook her hand away and stared at her. She wanted to apologize, but he thrust another finger inside her. Her capability to talk disappeared.

She fell forward, grasping his shoulders for support. His mouth joined the gauntlet he wanted her to sit through and enjoy. It was too much and not enough; such conflicting thoughts flitted across her mind. Her ability to even think or process anything started to diminish under the guidance of his tongue and lips.

After a several minutes of the most intense experience in her life, he rose to his full height, and already she missed the feel of his mouth on her. His eyes remained on hers, his fingers still deep inside her. She watched the tip of his tongue sweep across his full bottom lip. Her body shook and she grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled him to her. If he planned to protest, he had plenty of time to do so, but he didn't. Instead, he looked as if he dared her to kiss him with evidence of her arousal all over his mouth.

Instead of kissing him, she bit his bottom lip, tugged and sucked it between hers. Surprised by the move, his answering groan was deep enough for her to feel it rumble in his chest. His free hand lifted to twist into her hair and he stroked his tongue along hers, in the same rhythm of his fingers. Her thighs clamped around his hips, holding him to her. His fingers thrust harder, faster, as he captured every sound she attempted to make. When she could no longer breathe, she broke away and called out his name as she shattered. It almost felt as if something had pulled her apart into a thousand pieces while simultaneously being pushed together. She felt equally dizzy and as if floating on some cosmic fucking cloud.

His breath was ragged against her shoulder when she landed back in her kitchen, his lips testing the skin there with nips and licks. "Let me have you," he said with a voice that was more groan than a whisper. "Need to be inside you."

"Yes," she said. His fingers started to move again, working her with gentle and shallow thrusts.


Edward cursed, and suddenly, his fingers and amazing mouth were gone. He grumbled as he settled her on her feet and turned away. Dazed and confused, he started to walk out of the kitchen, taking a moment to adjust himself.

"What the hell?" Bella hissed at him.

He poked his head around the corner and gestured toward the front door. "My mother is here, and I'm not fit for company right now." From the sound of his voice, she'd have to agree. He cocked his eyebrow as if the reason why should be obvious.


"I'll be in the bathroom finishing up."

"Bella!" His mother knocked on the thankfully locked door even louder.

"You'll be finishing up?" she teased, giving the length of his body a look.

"I can't control myself," he nearly growled and stomped further down the hall. "And don't think for a moment that we're not talking later."

"I'm happy to know that you're not one to eat and run." She rolled her eyes as he choked and called her a tease under his breath. "No, I'm not, since I plan to deliver."

He only nodded, before closing the door to the restroom with him safe inside.

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