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Akela woke to the comforting heartbeat of the true mate in her ear. Carefully she twisted up to see that in his sleep his face had relaxed back into a wolf, which made her smile. She adored that wolf face.

His human face had been beyond handsome, but it was his wolfish good looks she knew. He opened his eyes and looked at her before bringing his hand to his face with a disappointed look before he focused and brought his human face back.

"Aww," Akela complained and saw his smile widen.

"I like you as a wolf!" she pouted.

"But I wanted a kiss!" he grinned and rolled her on top of him where their faces were nearly touching.

Shyly she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his lips. He didn't ask for more. He didn't grab her or pull her closer, he only smiled happily while letting his fingertips stroke her healed, bright white bitemark.

"I love you Akela. I really do!" he said.

"I love you too," she murmured and placed her lips on his again, this time feeling him drawing her in, reaching his tongue out for hers. Their bodies rolled over to the side to make the kiss more comfortable.

Zion pulled away and did a few scrunches of his face, as if something was missing.

"I'm gonna have to get used to this flat, weird face... Feels like I've been at the dentist," he said, with his hand poking at his own cheeks.

"I don't mind if you continue looking like a wolf," Akela giggled.

"It's what I have wanted all my life. A mate and a human face... " Zion smiled so sweetly that Akela giggled again.

"And now I have the cutest female I've ever seen... I can't believe my luck," he whispered, making Akela place her hand on his cheek and look into his eyes.

"I really love you, Zi!" she whispered.

"Good... because as soon as we have our own home... we're not leaving our bed for a week," he growled playfully, turning to pin her under him, conscious of making his body light and not wake any of her traumas.

"I'd like that," Akela giggled and shimmied her body closer to his. Even in this position, the look in Zion's eyes made her feel safe. This was a man who loved her and who wanted her to be happy.

"Akela," he groaned as he felt her hands move down his body, to the one part of him that really didn't want to play nice.

"I want my mate," Akela whispered with a shyly, dirty, trusting smile.

Zion gave her a smile that had her breath stop in her lungs.

"And your mate definitely wants his," he whispered darkly, his lips traveling along her jaw, down along her body, taking his time and making her feel every nerve in her body catch fire before he kissed her back up and ended up above her again to look at her out of breath, flushed and blissful smile.

"Every day, Akela!" he whispered and gasped again as she tilted herself up to accomodate him.

He sent her a questioning look. He didn't want the position to ruin it for her, but she just nodded back, and that was all the encouragement he needed before he sunk into her, amazed at how well they fit together.

Akela moaned at the contact and together they sealed their physical connection again.

They had barely finished and were still catching their breath when there was a knock on the door and Diana opened only to stop with her jaw slack, not knowing whether to comment on Akela's bitemark, the fact that she was there or that Zion had a human face.

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