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"Did you get another message from your sister? " Aimee asked.

Akela shook her head. There was a sense of travelling and fear but no direct link.

Aimee looked at her friend thoughtfully and tapped her chin.
Without asking, she grabbed Akela's hand and dragged her into the loving room.

"Let's try something," she said and lay down a blanket on the floor.

"Lie down," Aimee instructed.

Akela must have looked sceptical because Aimee's face split into a cheesy grin.

"My mum does this when my dad is gone to clear their connection," Aimee smiled.

"Does it work?" Akela frowned but lay down as her friend asked.
Aimee fussed a bit, arranging Akela's legs and arms so she was lying comfortably but flat.

"It's a bit like meditation. My mum's Eastern, human family hails from some deep spiritual thinkers. I guess my mum just kept the tradition. " Aimee said.

Akela nodded.

"Ameer does thai chi in the mornings," she added and watched Aimee nod.

"Yeah. My uncle doesn't get the whole calm and quiet bit. Unless he's with auntie Emily... but he mediates," Aimee grinned.

"But you're mum does this to mindlink your dad?" Akela asked.

Aimee nodded again.

"Her human side makes mindlinks over distances hard, but they have found a way. Allie and Zeke link up all the time," Aimee said.

"I thought all mates mindlinked when their connection solidified," Akela mused, careful not to overstep Aimee's comfort zone.

The other girl just smiled and stood up to dim the lights and close the curtains, creating a dusky, calm atmosphere in the room.

"Perhaps it's something with the human genetics that makes it harder. I don't really mindlink either..." Aimee said and keeled down above Akela's head.

"Does it bother you?" Akela asked, wondering what it would be like to never have access to another person's mind.

Aimee shook her head with her trademark gentle smile.

"No. I like having my mind to my self. Now, close your eyes, breathe deeply into your stomach and let the breath slowly out through your nose," Aimee instructed.

Akela did as she was told, her mind still wondering about the power of mindlink.

"Relax your thoughts, remove them from your worries, focus only on your sister. Think of a happy memory you have with her. Let your breath flow easily in and out. Think of Kira. Try to summon her in your mind," Aimee said in a calm, monotone yet singing tone.

"Kira!" Akela thought and remembered the last week their family were happily living together in the old cabin in the woods.
She reached out, searching for her twin, holding on to that faint link she had thought was severed until a few hours ago.

"Akela!" A faint reply entered her mind.

"Where are you?" Akela asked, putting all her energy into the link, feeling her sisters physical weakness stain the link.

"Almost out of North territory. Not strong. Akela. I... I miss you! I'm sorry! I don't know how far I can go... I... am... tired... Aki..." Kira thought back and Akela felt in every word how weak her sister really was.

"But you're away from him? Right?" Akela asked and sensed a nod back along with a worry for the child in Kira's arms.

An idea struck Akela.

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