the end

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The white stone circle shone bright white under the full moon.

Diana stood, toeing the gravel, waiting for Felix to cross with her. For once, she was wearing a pretty summer dress instead of her usual combats, hoping to make Felix understand what she wanted from him.
For three weeks, up untill tonight, their relationship had been low key and unofficial. The deltas knew, but apart from some really good dates, Felix hadn't made any moves towards a permanent deal.  

The more time they spent together, and the more she got to know him, the more Diana felt sure they belonged together.

A clearing of a throat woke her from her worries. She lifted her gaze from the ground to see the delta troops lined up in an honour guard, leading towards the white stones. At the path towards the delta barracks, Pete was giving Felix a friendly slap on the back before taking his position with the rest of the deltas.
Diana stared at Felix. He was dressed in a pair of pressed slacks and a white shirt, rolled up to the elbows. In his hand he held a pink rose.
With a shy smile, he approached Diana.

"I was explained the significance of these stones and told to get my head out of my ass before the delta prime got upset," he grinned and handed her the rose.
Diana shot the amused looking deltas a suspicious look before looking back at Felix.

"In a few weeks we're moving into the valley, together. To start our life, together. We have your family's approval. I want to show the pack how much you mean to me, so will you cross the moonstones with me?" He said in a shaky voice.

Diana looked between him and the rose, unsure what was going on.

"Go on, Prime. Put the poor boy out of his misery," Pete grinned.

Felix took another small step closer.

"Pete tells me that the way I always want to smile when you're near, and the way my heart skips a beat when you smile, and the way I always feel invincible when we kiss, is called love. I think I love you, Diana," he said carefully.

Diana spontaneously threw herself at him, laughing into his hug, when she realised what he had said, and feeling through their link how much he cared.

"Mine!" Felix murmured into her ear, making her spine shiver with happiness.
Once her feet were on the ground again, she grabbed Felix' hand and together they walked through the delta honour guard. Diana emerged feeling slightly self conscious until Felix stepped over the stones with her and she realised the magnitude of what he had just done. The entire pack was looking at them.
Her parents amused by the whole ceremony that Felix had arranged with the deltas. To the side Abel and Zion were trying not to laugh while Nia, her best friend, wore a smirk. 

Before anything else could happen a commotion broke out in the woods and from the area of the North West border burst two pack members holding a redhaired stranger by the shoulders.

"We found this guy at the north border. He says he has a deal with the Luna," one of the guards said.

"Rhody?" Felix said.

"Hey dude," the stranger grinned once he'd located Felix in the crowd.

Diana immediately left all the previous romantic distractions and approached the newcomer.

"What is your business with the shadow mountain pack?" She asked full of authority.

Gently, Felix placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Diana. This is Rhody. Without him I would not have gotten my sisters free. He got hold of the fox pee to hide Akela's scent and helped me carry Kira across the border," he said.

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