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Akela watched from the porch steps as the Alpha, Luna and their heir sped off in a car towards the airport with Delta Sam behind the steering wheel.

Her guts churned with worry. Her Alpha was willing to risk the safety of not just himself but his mate and heir too. His human mate. For her.  the idea seemed a bit stupid at first. Why would he, a strong Alpha of mixed Cizinec and Connor blood demean himself to help her? She was nothing but a poor rogue girl with no family and no value.

"Don't worry. He won't risk his family," Ameer reassured with a hand on her shoulder.

She looked at the Beta, with tears in her eyes.

"He used to be a rogue. He was outcast and alone for years, Akela. He's going to do what he can for you," Ameer smiled warmly and wrapped an arm around her in a reassuring hug.

She couldn't quite get used to how they all seemed to be touching each other in the valley pack. They all greeted each other with hugs and seeing mates kissing was no longer a reason to turn away.
Up there, on the mountain, the pack cared about each other as well, but touching was a family thing in their own home.

"Preston will kill them..." Akela muttered. Worried that she may have sent her Alpha family into a death-trap.

"Hopefully Alpha North is proud enough to show respect," Ameer chuckled and squeezed her shoulder.

"Besides, I have this," the Beta said and revealed a wristwatch next to his usual one.

"If this glows red, it means Zeke has activated his one and we go rescue," he grinned.

Akela sent a skeptical look around the assembled pack. An assorted selection of children and youngsters up to old Hunter.

"Not us. Not alone..." Ameer grinned and pointed to a notice Ezekiel had hung by the door.

"The phone numbers to all our allies," he chuckled and gave Akela another reassuring pat on the back, threatening to send her flying into the thawing flower beds.

She sent another look towards where the car had gone.

Somehow, this kind and caring Alpha had decided to risk everything for her. Her breath felt ragged and sore. Her face was set in a worried frown. She understood why she couldn't have gone with them, but she wished she had. She could have been a bargaining chip. 

But Ezekiel had just given her a hug when she suggested it and laughed his fatherly, warm laugh.

He didn't want to risk the Connor rage, he told her.

Akela understood that she was safer here and that Zion and Abel both would be livid if she had gone, but for the first time since she was a child, she sent a prayer to the moon goddess.

Her introverted worries were interrupted by something cold being pressed into her hand.

She looked down to see a set of car keys.

"Finn!" Ameer hollered and a set of footsteps were heard thumping down the stairs.

Once the young boy was in the doorway Ameer grinned at him.

"Get your coat. And see if Naomi wants to come along for a drive," Ameer grinned.

Akela stared at the keys in her hand and sent the Beta a questioning look.

"We're teaching Akela to drive!" Ameer smiled, still aimed towards Finn.

"But..." Finn protested.

"And Both you and Naomi need to get out of the house instead of moping," Ameer ordered.

Finn turned and walked in with a loud, long, drawn-out sigh.

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