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By the time Ezekiel had finished updating his brother and nephew on the whole story, Gerry was grinning widely. Ezekiel smiled back and nodded. Both of them stood up at the same time. Archer gave a small sigh and looked between the two Alphas.

"Seriously?" he asked.

"I need to check this out, dad," Gerry grinned.

"Well... don't make it obvious. There is no change in allegiance so those two might not even know what happened," Archer sighed, trying to dampen the two other's enthusiasm.

"Well... my Alpha senses are tingling..." Gerry grinned gleefully.

"Yes, Spiderman... Your connection with the pack picks up changes, but we both know Akela is still terrified and vulnerable, so ease up," Ezekiel smiled at his nephew.

The three of them left the office and entered the kitchen to see Zion and Akela deeply and competitively engaged in a seemingly vicious cardgame. Gerry shot a look at his brother's tail. It slowly swung from side to side in a submissive, yet playful manner. The tip whipped faster, revealing the extent of his amusement. The furry wolf face was puppylike and playful with both ears up and the tip of his tongue hanging slightly out the side between his teeth.

The air rung out with an unfamiliar laughter Gerry had not heard before, and his eyes moved over to look at Akela in full-blown hysterics over some cheap shot cheat move Zion had made. The laughter rolled out of her, uninhibited and free. 

Curiously Gerry looked at Ezekiel who waved him a bit further away.

"What... happened?" the younger Alpha asked.

Ezekiel shot a glace in at the two young lycans and the way Zion would occasionally glance up at Akela with eyes so brim full of tenderness it made both alpha's ache on his behalf. Gerry had never felt this level of happiness in Zion before. Not since they were small.

"My guess is, they solidified the bond," Archer shrugged, a small smile tugging at his lips at the sight before him. Zion's weird breathy laugh accompanied the permanent smile on his face.

"She chose Zion? Just like that?" Gerry asked, full of doubt.

Ezekiel shook his head. His alpha bond told him what he needed to know.

"She's still holding back," Ezekiel smiled. 

In the kitchen, the two of them finished their game and Zion looked up as if waking from a dream to see his older brother stare at him with a questioning frown.

"Did you two make a deal or something? Am I going to have to tell Abel?" Gerry mindlinked and watched Zion's grin widen.

"I wish... I really do wish... But no. She's waiting for her sister to choose me apparently," Zion thought back with a smirk.

"But you don't think that will happen. Do you?" Gerry asked again, a smirk playing on his lips too as the mindlink revealed exactly how much Zion wanted to jump, dance and sing.

"Nope! My mate is sat right there!" Zion mindlinked with not even the slightest shadow of a doubt marring his mind.

"But I'll wait. She's worth waiting for," he thought again with a look towards Akela that made Gerry sigh in exasperation.

"You ready to go home, or are you going to cheat Akela out of some more cookies?" Archer asked, nodding to the pile of crumbs that had served as betting chips.

Zion stood up, picked up one cookie before pushing the rest of his loot into Akela's pile.

"Mylady, with your permission, I have to leave. These ruffians require escorting," He said with a formal bow, causing Akela to giggle.

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