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Akela woke up to the scent of spices, cookies and a weird sense of being home.

It almost felt as if Kira was in the room with her.

Her slightly unfamiliar human body was in a bed more comfortable than any she had ever slept in. And she was in a modern, heated house. The sounds around her whispered of a large home with many people, isolated from the cold wind outside.
She opened her eyes to see a window covered in frost on the outside. The blue sky revealed a cold day and Akela suddenly felt a gratitude for the warm blanket around her.
She looked around at the large room. A light shone from a door ajar. The faint sounds of crockery and voices told her it led to a hallway and onwards to the rest of the dwelling. Another door on the wall to her side was closed and opposite that was the window. The headboard of the bed was pushed up against the fourth wall of the room, next to a nightstand and a large bookcase. There was a comfortable looking armchair and a reading lamp pushed up to the corner by the window, with a small table between the chair and the bedside.
On the floor, a large, dark wolf lay curled as if watching over her. He lifted his head to look at her and Akela gasped as their eyes met.
Her mate!

His presence in the room felt terrifying, yet safe. As if he was someone she had been looking for. Her wolf was practically purring at the fiercely protective look in his eyes.

The wolf stood and approached her, his deep brown eyes never leaving hers.
Suddenly he turned to growl at the door as another person entered.

And Akela's heart skipped a beat.

Her jaw dropped and if she'd been in wolf shape, her tail would be wagging.
The man entering had a tall, well built and muscular human body.
And his face was that of a brown wolf with dark brown and golden patterned mask giving him a puppylike, playful look.
At his back, poking out of a hole in his jeans, hung a fluffy tail, tentatively wagging to reflect the weird smile on his face.
Akela's wolf wanted to whine with happiness at the sight of him.

"Relax Abel. I'm only bringing some food!" The one with the wolf face said.

Akela couldn't contain her surprise at hearing him speak!
A talking wolf!
There was a pleasant tone to his voice, but he pronounced the words with a weird accent as if his jaw and tongue didn't want to cooperate.

And then her eyes met his. And a jolt went through her.
Her eyes flitted between him and the big brown wolf in total bewilderment.
Two mates!
The brown wolf shifted until the single most gorgeous human male she had ever seen stood, stark naked, in the room. His perfect, symmetrical face and his well-developed physique were mesmerising.

"Wewax Abel..." he mocked the other man's speech.

"Really?" The man with the wolf face huffed and looked at Akela again.

"Hey. How are you feeling? I hope you like soup. It's fish... probably more of a chowder... but it's really good," he said and sat down in a seat next to her, placing a tray on the small table.
It was filled with a plate of bread, a large bowl with the delicious scent of creamy fish and herbs steaming out of it.

Akela couldn't shift her eyes from the man with the wolf face in front of her. Where the other man was the very image of male perfection, with a protective vibe to complete him, this one had Akela's wolf wanting to curl up in his lap.

Her heart was pounding and her mouth had never been so dry. She was nervous and scared and excited all at once.

"Oh. My appearance? I was born a halfie. I don't shift," he smiled once he realised she was staring at him in stunned silence.
His eyes on hers revealed that he knew she felt the bond, but he was kind enough to not push it. Behind him, his tail was slowly, contentedly wagging, and Akela somehow knew it was her presence that made him happy.

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