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Akela was curled up in Diana's room away from the two boys. Being back on mountain territory, so close to the two of them had her feeling like her breath didn't reach her lungs. She felt them both, clear as day.

She knew Zion had joined Maddox in the infirmary where they provided vaccines and healthcare. She also felt Zion's anger towards his brother.

On the opposite side of the territory a dark grey wolf was running, desperately trying to run off the fear and jealousy that was so unfamiliar to him. Every emotion in Abel's heart was mixed with self loathing and regret.

"Abel has never been refused..." Diana said, interrupting Akela's introverted focus on the two men.

She looked up to see Diana's warm smile.

"For the first time in his life, Abel can not win on his looks," Diana explained.

Akela shook her head sadly.

"I've never felt so torn," she whispered. Even she could hear the unnatural crack in her voice.

"Trust me. You didn't do anything wrong. He needed to be told that you're not going to fawn over his dimples," Diana chuckled and dragged Akela to her feet.

"They are just so different... And I feel them both." Akela mumbled.

"Well... I say we get lunch before finding Abel and forcing an apology out of him," Diana grinned.

"He doesn't have to apologise. I know he's sorry," Akela shrugged.

Diana gave a loud laugh. 

"The whole pack knows how sorry he is. He's running perimeters and broadcasting a beacon of regret," she chuckled just as a knock sounded.

Diana opened and exchanged a few words with the person outside.

"They want to see you," she told Akela with a much more serious demeanour.

Akela felt her heart drop.

"Come with me?" she whispered.

Diana nodded with a tight smile and grabbed Akela's hand in support as they made their way down the stairs to Gerry's office.

At the door, a serious looking Ezekiel tried offering a smile when he noticed Akela's terrified expression.

"It's okay, sweetheart," he smiled and squeezed her shoulder in a gentle, fatherly way. Immediately, her fear diminished and she felt surrounded by her Alpha's protective aura. It was the same aura he projected when Blossom skinned her knee or when Finn came home from school with a bad test score.

"Thank you," she whispered and felt his hand gently push her towards the office door. She threw another look at his friendly smile and released a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

In the office, Archer and Gerry were sat whispering behind the antique oak desk. Delta Sam was sat looking like his usually casual self in a sofa by the door with a cheesy looking paperback in his hand.

Akela was guided to a seat next to Ezekiel in another sofa nearer the desk. The golden eyed Alpha nodded to the two other leaders who looked at them, awaiting Akela's arrival.

Gerry's hands steepled for a few moments in front of his face before he released a slow frustrated breath.

His deep brown eyes fixed seriously on Akela. Her heart froze at the look of sympathy in them.

"I wish I could tell you we're all set to go in guns blazing to get your sister, but we're not even close," he sighed.

Akela felt her eyes fill as she nodded in understanding. Kira was beyond rescue.

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