As I looked up to see Lucy standing there with what looked like red eyes, her skin turning a very red color and her veins pulsing violently all over her body. "You bitch, it's bad enough that you take my brother but now him?!'' I glanced over at the bed. " Zachary stood smiling. "Oh please Lucy, we broke up days ago. You know after you cheated on me.. AGAIN." He said stepping towards me.
Holy shit Zachary is hot...I shook not the dirty thoughts away as I remembered there is an angry bitch in front of me.

"I will kill you, you home wrecker!" Lucy shouted coming towards me. In an instant I was in Zachary's arms.
His fangs out as he hissed at Lucy, Liam ran in, now along with the other two. Eric grabbed Lucy holding her back as Liam walked cautiously towards us. "Zach, please... Don't hurt her!" Liam shouted turning red, he just continued to hiss defensively. He jumped onto the bed and backed up against the window, smashing it with his hand. "You're not taking her!" Shane shouted running towards us, Zachary pushed me out of the window with one swift move. "AH!!!" I screamed as I slowly slid down the side of the roof, coming to a slow stop on the shingle.
He shortly joined me standing casually on the roof lifting me up. I clung to him like a baby koala. "Don't fall!" I said holding him tightly. He grinned. "Isn't that my line?" I couldn't help but laugh. With one jump we were on the ground and began to run, rain pouring down on us.

I can't believe what I'm doing...I'm running away with some guy I don't know, from 2 dumb werewolves, a spazy mermaid, and an idiot vampire! ''Marzia!!'' I heard Liam's voice yell from behind us. I quickened my pace, gripping his hand tighter. Zachary quickly picked me up, throwing me on his back. He chuckled at my reaction. ''You do know if you put me on your back, I'm like a punch me sign you don't know is there right?'' I joked; He started cracking up at my little joke. "I think it's a little too late for me to change my mind." He said jokingly.

I smiled and felt a tap on my shoulder, Zachary turned and smirked. It was the guy from before; the one Lucy had brought back to life. "I know the plan didn't include me going with you but please, brother... I can help." He said to Zachary and he nodded. "Lucy will be very angry with you..." The guy said to Zachary, who just laughed. "She'll get over it... Eventually, after all she can't take a "It's over" seriously enough." He said with a grin. "Besides mate, this lovely lady is in far more need of protection than some sex craved supernaturals." Zachary and His "brother" laughed. I didn't understand at first but then it hit me.

Zachary is Lucy's boyfriend?!

"I am so dead, you're Lucy's boyfriend?!" I mumbled holding Zachary tighter. "Ex, boyfriend." Zachary said laughing. "We broke up about a week ago.. I've been watching you for quite a long time Marzia Reed... I blushed and dug my head into his back. Zachary chucked then bit his lip, looking up at his brother. "So is this how it's going to be?" I nodded. "I guess so!" I said with a slight excitement to my voice. "Oh by the way, I'm Spencer Walters!" Zachary's brother said to me. I smiled and grabbed his hand and shook it. "Marzia Reed." I said with a smile on my face.

"Well Ms. Reed, are you prepared for one hell of an adventure?" I grinned and nodded. "Hell yeah!" He smiled "Good answer." and in a flash Zachary, his brother and I took off, ready to face whoever stands in the way of stopping me from returning home...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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