Chapter:4 The Spazy Mermaid and Me.

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Shane's POV

As we said those words, we were all expecting for her to start screaming, again. I turned to Liam; He was looking out the window, Eric of course was keeping his eyes on the road. I felt the car come to a slow stop, and then an evil sort of giggle broke the awkward silence. Every head turned towards her. "For supernatural creatures, y'all are stupid!"

Was all she said as she opened the door throwing herself out of the car. Liam too stunned to think, barely even grabbed for her as she flung herself off of him, Eric and I both diving for her as well. My head was met with the car door, stunning me for a second. "You idiot!" I shouted to Liam, he clumsily opened the door and I followed, Eric already in pursuit.

I heard a scream come from the woods, we quickened our pace, then we of course remembered we had super human speed and in an instant were by the scream. I saw Eric rounding a hill and stopping. "The scream came from over here-"Eric like the spazy mermaid he is, tripped by the hill and went tumbling down, lending us another scream from the girl.

"Eric, are you okay?!" I yelled, it's too dark to see him. "Get off me, you pervert!" We heard the girl shout. Liam and I looked at each other before diving down the hill. Oh this bastard isn't getting the jump on us this time!! As I landed close by where I heard the girl, I heard a loud crack. "AH!! MY WRIST!" I heard a shout. Shit...

Marzia's POV

I screamed as my wrist cracked under his giant foot, having the little mermaid out cold on top of me didn't help either. "YOU STUPID VAMPIRE, GET OFF OF MY WRIST!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, He jumped off then Liam pulled out a flashlight to see my hands wrapped around Eric, tears rolling down my face from the pain in my wrist. "You idiot, if you had a flashlight all along why didn't you pull it out before?" The guy yelled at Liam. Liam shrugged giving the flashlight to the vampire, then roughly picking up Eric and throwing him over his shoulder.

Then the driver did the same to me, except this time I didn't struggle one bit. I didn't move or scream. I knew it was over. My life was never a really great one, but it was one I had grown use to, obviously who wouldn't it's the only one you have!? It's all I've ever known... I didn't say a word as they sat me in the backseat, in with the seat belt this time, locking it tightly. I didn't even flinch, just starred off, silent tears rolling down my face.

They threw the mermaid in with me; he accidentally slid over and ended up with his head on my lap. I looked down at him. He looked so childlike still; he couldn't have been more than 16 or 17. I need a nickname for him, I thought as I pushed his hair back out of his face. "Kid..."I whispered. I snapped out of my daze. Whoa, what the hell was that? First I hated life, now I am admiring this kid? Mood swings much?

I hadn't even notice that we were moving, Liam in the driver seat and his friend in the passenger seat. Kid cuddled up to me holding my waist. I sighed looking out the window. Goodbye...


It seemed that hours had passed since a single word was said in the car. I finally broke away from my thoughts as Kid stirred in my lap, opening his eyes and looking up at me. I stared back. Out of shock, he popped his head up smacking into mine. "WHAT THE FUCK, KID!" I yelled angrily while rubbing my head, He sat up with a groan and hand on his head. "That wasn't on purpose, but that's pay back for hitting Shane with the door!" Kid replied.

"Well sorry for not wanting to run, when 3 weird guys kidnap you!" I yelled back at him, He cringed then sat back in his seat starring out the window.

"This could have gone down so fucking differently you know that?" Shane whispered. I looked up at the back of his head; Liam never said a word but just paid attention to the road.

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