The only thing I saw was the most beautiful emerald colored eyes. ''Who are you?'' I asked looking at his eyes still. He looked down then back at me. I looked away and blushed. ''Zachary Walters'' he said and put his hand over mine. I felt strange... like I didn't want him to move it. I started crying again, I felt warm tears streaming down my face. "I'm Marzia Reed...18...I'm from Hondo Texas, I live...lived." I rephrased pass tense. "With my grandmother Miranda Morua, I use to live with my parents but due to a horrible divorce and neither parent wanting me, I moved in with her..." I froze. Why am I just telling this guy everything about me?! I pushed away from him slightly. "I'm sorry... I'm a supernatural as well.. Half vampire and half witch, and I can control people in their state of weakness. I am sorry... I just wanted to get to know you-"I cut him off, continuing with my story but this time by choice.

"My eldest brother and his girlfriend and baby were about to move in... I was hoping that, they would take the downstairs room and I'd have the upstairs all to myself... but I knew that wasn't going to happen, because they are obviously a growing family and need the space." I blurted out and let a quick cry out. He patted my hair. "My mother use to read me story books about a princess stuck up in a high tower... and a dashing prince on a white horse would slay the dragon and save her." He just stared at me listening closely. "I don't think that is going to happen either..." I said closing my eyes, not being able to face him. Such petty things I use to think about, now its whether or not I will have a baby to a certain supernatural, or let them kill me.

"Sorry..." he said, I looked back up to him gazing into his eyes. ''I'm sorry you're here... I wish they wouldn't have taken you, do you know what they're going to do to you?'' His eyes had million emotions pouring from them. He has such emotional eyes.. I wonder if he's gay, I quickly shook the thought away. "So far I know they want me to get pregnant..and either stay with the baby or leave.'' I said wiping away my tears. He put his hand on my cheek, and took a deep breath. My heart stopped. "They are going to kill you after the baby is born Marzia...''he said looking down ashamed. I gasped and felt more tears about to spill over. He pulled me close hugging me like a baby. I rested my head on his chest and I couldn't help but start to sob hysterically.

Why was this happening to me? I don't want to be here! I'd do anything, just to be free again! I looked up to Zachary. "I just want to go home...Please, Zachary Walters... take me home..." I said looking up at him with pleading eyes squeezing his hand. A small smile played on his lips and he looked firmly at me. "I promise Marzia reed, I will take you back home even if it kills me..." He said holding me tighter. I felt a strong blush creep into my face as I nodded slowly. Half of me wanted to believe him and the other half still had the doubt of him lying just to get me to surrender to them. But I had a small feeling that... He wouldn't lie... I closed my eyes then felt his warm lips on my cheek. I turned kissing his lips softly, he seemed to be taken back for a second but then deepened the kiss, pulling me on top of him in the process. I slid my tongue into his mouth which he willingly allowed, slowly grinding my lower half on his crotch. He let out a small moan through our kiss. I then began to slowly slide my hand down his pants. But he grabbed it before I could grab any goods. "Wait.. Marzia, this isn't you.." He whispered. I froze. What the fuck was I doing!?
"Don't worry it isn't your fault.. Lucy has been adding some pregnancy pills into your food, to get you all... Hot and bothered.." He said still holding my hands in his, letting out small pants from our heated exchange. I pulled away from his hands and held them to my chest. I am so glad the room is dimly lit, if not he would see how red I am!
"I'm sorry.." I whispered. He chuckled. Ugh, that was so sexy.. " Don't worry about it.." He whispered caressing my cheek. My face heating up even more at his touch. I smiled despite him not being able to see me.

For one single moment... I felt at peace.


MOMENT OVER! I shouted in my head as I threw myself off of Zachary onto the floor.
The door burst open and flies across the room almost hitting me. The lights flickered on harming my eyes a little. There stood a very angry wolf bitch. "You little whore!" Lucy shrieked loudly.


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