"Hey there, Pretty girl" The guy said, someone I hadn't seen before. He was rather skinny and pale, and he had brown shaggy hair. I stared at him for a while in shock, completely forgetting about his hand on my ass. He flashed a cute smile that shows dimples on his cheeks, he looks like a little kid. His eyes wandered around my body and he licked his beautiful lips. "Sorry it's just your ass... is perfect." He said with a smirk on his face. I flinched at his words."Goodbye!" Was all I said, and began to run away. "Hey at least tell me your name!" He yelled, I didn't respond but that didn't stop him from yelling back to me anyway.

"Okay mystery woman, I'm Eric-" He was cut off but I didn't even bother turning around to see who stopped him. I ran through the parking lot, quickly checking if it's the right car then jumped in. I can't help but get a sudden DE-JA-VU. "What took you so long" My aunt said glaring at me. I sneezed then said "long line" I Sneezed again. Patricia turned around looking at me. She knows me too well, she saw right through my lie. I sneezed again; ugh stupid lies. "I'll tell you later." I mouthed too her. She nodded and faced the front.

On the ride back to my grandmas, I couldn't help but think about the waiter from earlier. Was that stupid Eric guy with the IHOP waiter? If so then where was the crazy girl?! And what did he mean by my ass being "Perfect"!? I mean I literally have no sex appeal on my scrawny body. I eventually told Patricia about the butt grabbing to which she said has happened to her before, I unlocked the front door and faced her. "Are you going to be okay?" she asked worried about me. I smiled "Yeah, if anyone tries anything I'll just have grandma karate chop them!" I joked; she laughed and waved at me.

"And yet she says she can't even pick up her foot!" She said. I laughed. "Okay see you later!" I said while closing the door laughing a bit still. I walked into my grandmas' room to see her putting her shoes on. "You'll be okay while I go to bingo?" She said. Sure cause I don't want to go! I resisted asking to go because I know we are a bit short on money right now. "Yeah I'll be fine grandma" I said while she grabbed her purse while putting it on and walking towards the door "Okay lock the door and put the nail!" She said. Sure because I wanted to just leave it open and put a sign outside that says "Open Door, absolutely Not Locked!"

"Okay grandma!" I said to her while closing the door and locking it (of course). I turned around and began running down the hall, "Alone at last!" I shouted while throwing myself on my bed, well mat really. I have lived with my grandmother for 9 months and stilled don't have my stuff here, well I mean all I have is m TV and WII console and that's all I need. I got up and walked into the tiny bathroom closing the door behind me, I pulled out my stress reliever and took a quick hit of the pipe. I sighed and walked over to the shower and turned it on. I was already in my underwear when I noticed the bathroom window didn't have a curtain again.

I groaned. How my grandma does these things, I have no clue. I grabbed some thumb tacks and a chair and attempted to put up a towel, I don't care if the back yard is huge and dark and the window is little, I'm putting up a damn towel. "Fuck." I said as I accidentally tacked my finger. I couldn't help but look up and out the window, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. My heart stopped. Outside of the window was what looked like a giant dog eye.

"AH!" I let out an ear piercing scream and lost my balance, falling off the chair, expecting to be beaten by the floor; instead I never touched the floor. I felt arms instead. I slowly looked up and screamed again at the being behind me.

"Hey There, Pretty girl."


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