"Just admit it.. We're lost!" I shouted to the confused vampire boy holding a map. "We aren't lost wimpy!" Zachary said to me. I glared. "I told you, the woman at the last stop said we went the opposite way and are 900 miles from Hondo!" I said while putting on a jacket that Spencer got for me. "Um guys, the bus is leaving..." Spencer said, but we both ignored him still arguing.

"She said to get on the 314 and it should take us half way there, then get on the 223 and we'd be there by tomorrow afternoon, we're in Kansas city dummy!!" He continued to ignore me. "Answer me you flea!" I yelled finally, he took a deep breath then rolled up the map calmly and began to hit me with it. "Stop, yelling, at, me!" He said between whacks. "Guys,the last bus for the night left..."

We both turned towards Spencer."Seriously? You had one job!" Zachary yelled at him. I sighed. "Looks like it's a hotel for us... " I mumbled, slightly excited for the room service. "And where are you going to get the cash for that?" Spencer said bursting my bubble. "We need to save for the bus fair, and for food because you, puny human need to eat!" He said as we walked out of the bus station.

I sighed giving in.. We've been on the run for the past 3 days. After we left the sex house (Yeah, that's my nickname for it) we got picked up by this limo that Spencer had waiting for us, and then about half way back to Hondo, Lucy and the boys caught up with us and we had to lose them.

Long story short, Zachary decided to go all boy scout on us and lead us in the opposite direction for the past 3 days! Luckily they had a bit of cash on them and we've been surviving so far.. well me anyway.

"2 rooms please.." Spencer said to the motel man at the counter. He looked like Hugh Hefner. I'm not even kidding, he has the robe and everything on. "Oh, darling why not 1? No tag team tonight?" He said with a slight girlish voice and gestured to me. I glared. "What?" Zachary pushed passed Spencer and leaned on the counter. "Why, do we get a discount if we tag team anyway?" He said while reaching over and caressing the guys face.

He melted like puddy into Zachary's magical hand. "Oh,for free darling !" He said about to hand us 2 room keys for free when a big woman walked in. "Don't go givin' out free rooms again Geoff!" She shouted, taking one key from him. "You get one room, that will be 200!" We glared at her. "Fine.." Zach said snatching it from her hands.

"I'm so tired!!" I shouted as I threw myself onto the bed,it squeaking to life underneath me.Spencer who was sitting on the other bed next to me chuckled. I slowly curled up to the top and cuddle with the pillow. "Jesus Marzi, you make it seem as if you have never slept in a bed before." Spencer chuckled. "Well before living with the supernatural guys, I would always sleep on this little mat in my grandmother's room." I said casually then slowly sat up.

I looked at Spencer, tears threatening to over flow. As if reading my mind he walked over to me and gave me a hug. "I'm pretty sure your grandmother is looking for you now, Marzia.. and she's leaving your room just the way you left it." I smiled and hugged him back. "Thanks Spence.." Over the past 3 days we've bonded somewhat.

Zachary of course hasn't said too much to me, the day he technically "Saved me" was the last of the nice Zach I had seen. Now we mostly argue and complain to one another. Speaking of the devil, we pull apart right as Zachary came in with snacks bags in hand. "I got some junk to help us get you by." He said interrupting our moment.

I smiled, "Thank you..." I mumbled. He put everything on the table took off his jacket then plopped himself on the bed. I reached for the honey bun he had gotten, opened it and quickly nibbled on it a bit. Now that I think about it.. I haven't seen Zachary leave for no less than 30 minutes... "Have you...fed?" I said, awkwardly swallowing down the small piece of bread.

Spencer laughed and hit Zachary's feet. Zachary smiled a bit. "I'll be back in a bit guys, going to go FEED!"he said smirking. I glared at him, you little Peanut.
As he got to the door he stopped and turned around. "Don't suck her too dry man, she's already scrawny as it is!" Zachary immediately took off his shoe and threw it at the door right as spencer closed it. My face turned red and I started coughing on my bread.

I was too busy holding back my cough, that I hadn't noticed Zachary was standing in front of me. He raised his hand and cupped my cheek gently, making me face him.

By now I was already on the brink
of fainting!
I stared deeply into his emerald colored eyes, not being able to avert my gaze.

He leaned in closely with a straight face, I slowly began to close my eyes as he stopped. "I fed before I got back, oh and don't choke, because I won't save you this time, honey. " my eyes flew open and my jaw dropped. He stood there smirking, then made his way to the bed and plopped himself down.

And there it is, Ladies and gentlemen the biggest Tease of 2015!!

I glared at him as hard as I could, then I remembered what Spencer had always complained about after feeding. He said their eyes get darker after feeding, and if Zachary really did feed.. Then why are his so light..?

He had his eyes closed and was humming something. I rolled my eyes and picked up another bread and threw it at him, He caught it with ease. "Eat something Flea..." I mumbled. He chuckled a little then I heard the bag rustle as he opened it. And with that we ate in silence...

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