I screamed, wiggling around in his arms. "Hey stop it, I might slip-" He said while falling on his back with me still in his arms. I smacked my head on the wall and screamed again. I kept my eyes closed in disbelief, this can't be happening! What are they going to do to me?! I then heard a familiar voice "Fuck, Eric!" There stood the waiter from this morning looking down at us. I was holding my head and cringed at the pain. "Sorry Liam, she wiggled her cute little butt and swept me off of my feet!" He said while grabbing my butt, I jumped off of him and tried to move past "Liam" but he stopped me, picking me up in the process.

"You can't go that way" He said, throwing me over his shoulder. I screamed, my half naked body flailing everywhere. "Let go of me!" I shouted. I suddenly felt the man grow extremely tense.

"Listen girly, things could be going a lot differently so if you could please cooperate, that would be fucking dandy." He said slapping my ass while walking down the hallway to my front door. "Oh for god sakes Eric, get your ass out here!" He yelled out to the boy inside, who came out with a few of my clothes. "Hey, she needs clothes doesn't she?" The guy glared. "You're the stupidest of all creatures!" He said standing me up.

I felt dizzy and just wanted to lie down on my mat. I started screaming again. In situations like this all I CAN do is scream. "Let me go!" I yelled at the guy carrying me, and then in a blink of an eye Eric had me by the hair, holding a blade to my throat. "Don't make a sound." Tears rolling down my face, i nodded slowly,finally giving in. "Liam" grabbed my t-shirt from Eric then pulled it over my head. I pulled my hands through then quickly put them by my sides. Eric turned me so I could face him. " I promise I won't hurt you.. Just please cooperate." He mumbled then needled down in front of me. Tears slowly streaming down my face I nodded. He held my jean shorts out in front of him for me to get into. Still too frightened to moved I let him sleigh slide them up then button them. I simply starred off into the distance hoping that some how I could mentally check out. Before I knew it Liam had picked me up and stuck me in the car, it was a 4 door maroon color and it looked kind of old. I glanced at the guy in the driver's seat. He looks even more angry.

The one who carried me pushed my head to scoot me over and I flinched at the pain. The driver looked back. "You hurt her?" He said to Eric. "Nope it was all Liam" Eric said while pointing to Liam. I turned my head now taking another look at Liam, He had the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen, and they seemed to have gotten a lot brighter. "You broke the Human? GREAT!" He said while switching seats with Eric.

I slid over to Liam's lap while the driver jumped in the back seat. He looked shocked while I sat silently. Eric jumped in the driver's seat and proceeded to reverse out of the drive way. "Goodbye home, and Grandma" I muttered to myself. Please.. Someone help me! I just want my grandma to be okay and in my CARE. I'm the only one that has been taking care of her lately. If I'm not around anymore who knows what will happen to her... She's so amazing and loves me so much... and now I'm being taken from her?? I've been taking care of her for so long... Karma is so fucking stupid!

We sat silently driving for about 2 hours, already out of the city. The Driver from before grabbed my legs pulling me towards him, I don't know if it was just me being deep in thought or the fact that I completely surrendered to them but I failed to noticed that Liam had been tightly holding on to my waist. I screamed and retreated to Liam's lap as the other guy tried to touch my head. "STOP MOVING YOU STUPID HUMAN, IM TRYING TO HELP YOU!" He yelled "WELL HURTING me is not helping..." I yelled back yet my voice sounded slightly weak. He flinched; it was probably the first time they heard me speak.

Slowly realizing what he had said I froze... "Human?" I whispered. He tried to jump to the front seat but in one quick move, I grabbed his wrist pulling him back, immediately regretting the action but continued anyway. Why do they keep referring to me as "Human"? As if they are something else? And as if reading my mind he replied. "I'm a Vampire... "He muttered something. "What? "I said in a quiet tone. He got a little angry. "I'm a vampire you, idiot human." He repeated. Then Eric muttered "And ugh... I'm a merman..." He blushed.

"Werewolf..." Liam said quietly, as we came to a sudden stop. We were at a red light in the middle of nowhere. I began to giggle. They all turned towards me, stunned. I couldn't contain my laughter anymore and firmly held my hand on the unlocked door. "For supernatural creatures, y'all are stupid!" I said while quickly opening the side door, kicking myself off of Liam, they all tried grabbing me at the same time. I kicked both doors shut, hitting someone in the head and took off sprinting into the woods. All that was on my mind was getting away. I had to run faster, for grandma!
I lost my footing and began to stumble, I felt my self-flying in the air then hitting the ground tumbling down a small hill. As I came to a stop I slowly began to rise just to be met with blackness.


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