Chapter:6 Emerald Eyes.

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I slowly opened my eyes as the light shined in through the curtains. I sat up and walked over to the vanity. I looked like shit, plain and simple. My hair was messy and longer than before. My skin now pale with bags under my eyes . If I remember correctly I've been with these people for about Three months now. After that first day, I really never leave my room.

Huh.. me actually referring to it as my room now sickens me. I stopped wishing and hoping of the day that I finally get to leave,Lucy made sure of it. There is about fifty million post-its posted all over the house that say shit like "Hey Marzia! Your hair looks nice today! By the way you will never leave! Have a good day!" and of course the obnoxious one that was on my bathroom mirror last week took the crown."Don't worry about losing weight! You'll need to get fat in order to properly nurture the child!"

That shit crossed the line and really made me lose hope.

I mean not that I wouldn't mind screwing a supernatural hunk but I mean Eric is a mermaid I don't want little fish babies, and what if I have feelings for Liam? I'll have puppies, and Shane? Baby Bats? Lucy said it was my choice... I can pick whoever I want, and once the baby is born I can either stay and raise it, or leave and my memory will be "Erased" and I'll forget ever being taken.

I sighed sitting on the chair in the bedroom. I looked around analyzing everything. It's a very plain room, a dull blue with everything cherry wood, the dresser drawers, the bed frame hell even the window frame was cherry wood. I heard a soft knock on the door. I looked up, that's never a good sign. "Open the door pretty girl..." I heard Lucy from the other side.

I pretended not to hear. "Open this door now, witch!" she yelled angrily. I hurriedly dove for the bed and hid under the covers, hearing her loud scratches and bangs to the door.

"It will be okay..."I whispered to myself, holding in my sob. How in the hell am I going to get out of this? I thought as I slowly drifted off back to sleep...


''Oh won't you lighten up Marzia, it's just a pregnancy!" Lucy said casually, sliding a plate of eggs in front of me. We were in their fancy white kitchen having breakfast; of course the boys would eventually join us, but she wanted to have a "girl" talk first. I slowly nudged the plate forward.

"Are you a virgin?" She asked bluntly. I blushed and looked away. "That is none of your business!" I shouted. All three of the boys walked in, awkwardly taking a seat at the island. "Uh, does that mean you're a whore? In that case I don't want my son to have a whore of a mother." Liam said angrily as he grabbed his plate. I glared at him. Eric sighed and patted me on the back. "It's alright Hun, Liam has been around the doggy park, If us know what I mean." Liam hit him in the arm. I bit my tongue not wanting to lose my strong face and show that I've gotten comfortable around here. I've actually silently warmed up to the boys, but I could never admit to it. Yep, stubborn as a mule.

Lucy growled at him and flicked an egg at him, it bounced off his cheek and hit the counter. "Hey guys don't make a mess!" Shane shouted cleaning up the egg with a napkin. "Oh I think we've worked at the Ihop for way too long" Eric said throwing an egg also on the floor, Shane glared. I stifled a laugh holding my hand over my mouth. Everyone looked up at me. My smile quickly faded, but I didn't feel as tense now. I grabbed the plate of eggs and began to eat a little bit everyone falling into a comfortable silence. "Either way, you aren't ever going to leave Marzia, Might as well get use to us." Lucy said casually eating. Of course the bitch can never leave a good moment untouched!

I picked up my plate of eggs and threw it at the wall, pieces of the plate and eggs going everywhere. "You can do all this shit for me, but in the end you will never gain my trust or love!" I yelled standing my ground. "You can take take my freedom, but you will NOT be able to take my mind or my feelings!" I yelled dashing out of the room running upstairs. Their stunned faces frozen in my mind. Hell, even Lucy was surprised.

I can't stand this! They think they can just take me away from my home and keep me prisoner here!? And play some morbid game of house?? I can't do this... I looked out the window as it began to rain. I would never let a child be raised in this sort of environment; I looked down at my stomach.

I don't want to get fat I thought shyly...I sighed, I guess even if it's a fish, puppy or bat I will love it with all my heart and take care of it. And I will, escape this place..with my baby.

I felt the tears start going down my face. I don't even have a choice anymore... I sniffled and dove for my bed, is this what I've succumbed to? Crying and moping around my room. This isn't me, my grandma wouldn't want me to be giving in so easily!! Well she wouldn't want me in this situation at all.. but I have to fight!

Then I heard the door open again my back was to the door so I couldn't see who it is. And I didn't care... They could easily force themselves on me and I wouldn't be able to defend myself in anyway. I heard shuffling then the shifting of the bed. "why are you crying'' a deep voice from behind me asked. It sounded like no one I knew, I still responded anyway. "I miss my family...'' I whispered to him, I felt a hand run down my back, it wasn't frightening but seemed to calm me down, and in an instant I was powerless. ''I miss mine too..."he said. I felt the bed shift more behind me as he laid down, slowly wrapping his arms around my small frail body. Wow, have I really gotten this skinny? I slowly turned around in his arms to face him, my eyes widened.
No way...

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