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I was walking out of IHOP with my Sister in Law, Patricia, and Aunt Lacey. I took a deep breath, wanting to collapse after eating a stack of pancakes. "Hey Marzia Boo?" I looked up at Patricia, she too looking a bit worn down from the pancake race we had. I giggled a little and she gave me a creeper smile. "Yes?" I said
cautiously still smiling. "Would you please go get my homemakers Magazine? I left it on our table!" I groaned and stomped a bit, then smiled. "Ugh fine, but only because I feel bad for beating you at the pancake race." I said grinning, turning around.

I walked back into the restaurant quickly to grab the magazine as a waitress was cleaning the table. I'm surprised this place is empty,considering it's so early in the morning. I couldn't help but stare at the waitress in awe; she looked very stunning despite being in an IHOP uniform, and looked a little older than me. I'm 18 by the way; yeah I know "You're Legal!" Whoopdy doo, but I'm still single as a pringle. She looked up at me and gave me a smile, I blushed a little bit. She had long strawberry blonde hair, tied up loosely with a red ribbon, her eyes were a bright Hazel and her skin was a golden tan. I smiled back then gulped shyly. Despite her stunning appearance, she had an eerie vibe. I grabbed the magazine and quickly turned to walk away. "Wait!" She said smiling. I turned to face her with a smug look on my face. Alright, play it cool Marzia.. "Yes?" I said with a small smile.

"You have such stunning hair!" The waitress said. Oh, she has an English accent. "I'm Lucy Hale!" She said enthusiastically extending her hand for a handshake. I shook her hand hesitantly. "Marzia..." I mumbled. She held the handshake for longer than I thought. "That's a pretty name." She said not even blinking once or ceasing her smile, reaching up with her hand she ran it down my dark blonde hair.
What the fuck?!
This girl looks like she wants to eat me! And not in a sexual way.
"Luc, can you help me out in t-"A tall blonde shaggy haired boy came rushing out from the back. His gaze went from me to Lucy and stopped at our handshake. "Liam! This is my new frien-"Lucy began, I took this as an opportunity to get away so I pulled away my hand and began to back away. "Nice meeting you and all but I have to go." I said turning towards the door once again. She quickly grabbed my arm and gripped it tightly. I held back a scream. What? I'm a sissy girl.
"I want you..." She said through gritted teeth, her smile turning into a creepy grin. "Let go of me!" I shouted pulling away. I made no hesitation and bolted for the door.
"No, please come back! We aren't crazy!" I heard the boy shout but didn't bother to stay and listen.

What a bunch of crazies! ...

"What took you so long?" Patricia said turning to face me as I jumped in the back seat, my aunt looking a little annoyed. "I had to potty." I spat out a quick lie, followed by a sneeze. She laughed and then faced forward.

I have a habit of sneezing whenever I tell a lie. I know it's pretty weird but it's one of the many things I do.


How was it? I know it's short but it's really all I can do in order for it to incorporate into the second chapter. Alright, have a good day!

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