(Tall Boy's POV)

"2 special pancakes, both with a side of eggs and bacon." I yelled out to the cook in the back, I heard a yell back and a groan but I just shrugged it off, everyone complains here. "Hey Liam, Did Luc- come in already?" I nodded my head then turned around. "Well look who decided to come in today; crazy night of partying, Eric?" I said grinning and throwing my towel at Eric. He laughed and caught it with ease. "No, it's just your sister man... me and her-" I gagged dramatically. "Don't even tell me this!" I yelled annoyed. He laughed evilly. "Oh Lucy!!!!! Oh one more round!!" I shielded my ears as best as I could and ran for the door away from his crucial taunts.

"Luc, can you help me out in t-"I froze at the scene before me. After half a year, she has finally found. "The One"! She didn't even have to say anything, I just knew. It's a wolf thing. "Liam! This is my new frien-"The "One" pulled away from Lucy. "Nice meeting you and all but I have to go." Lucy got a tight hold on her arm. "I want you..." She said, practically breaking the poor girls arm off. I wanted to jump in and save her but I was too in shock. "Let go of me!" She shouted and ran out the door. "No, please calm down! She isn't herself today!" I shouted out to her. Lucy quickly turned her attention to me and growled teeth flaring. Oh, she wants to play that game?

I quickly ripped off my clothes and in seconds I was pinning her down with my paws. "Change into, your wolf form now!" I snarled to her, her body skin crumbling beneath me. "Liam! CHANGE BACK INTO YOUR HUMAN FORM NOW!" Eric came in shouting, well that's the total opposite of what I want to do. I ignored his protest and began to tear at my sisters' body. I heard drainage pipes rattling and in an instance I was shot across the room by Eric's freaky water powers. I transformed back starting to calm down, my skin slowly regenerating. The water ceased and I let out a series of coughs in attempts to catch my breath.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Lucy?!" I shouted after getting my voice back. She stood up angrily, her clothes barely on her body. "She was right there! And you let her get away!" She protested. "Calm down, Luc" Eric said trying to calm down, putting his shirt over her. "And what were you going to do? Take her against her will? No Lucy, we aren't going to do this again. There will not be another Samantha Brookes ordeal, Okay?!" Eric couldn't help but cringe. Lucy growled.

"That was an accident and you know i-" I flipped over a table and ran towards her, claws ready to come out. Eric now standing between us both. "You do not have permission this time, okay? I'm in charge here and I say you stay away from her until I bring her to the house, she is not to be associated with you!" I shouted standing my ground. She glared at me and pushed Eric aside and walked towards the back.

"What the fuck happened!!" I turned my head towards the main doors. There stood a very angry Shane. Eric and I gave each other a glance and laughed.

I will do everything in my power to make sure that, that girl will not be harmed like the last one..

I Won't Let Her Be Another Samantha Brookes...


(Back To Marzia)

"Look at this color Patricia!" I shouted a little too enthusiastically in the paint store."It's a little dark isn't it?" She responded. "To be honest, I don't know what color Martin wants me to paint it. "She said refereeing to my older brother. They are moving in with my grandma and I this week, along with their 4 year old son. As they take my room downstairs I will have the whole upstairs to myself. Well that's what I hope for anyway...

"Where is Auntie?" Patricia asked. I shrugged and pretended to look at some random colors. I wonder if I will really get that whole upstairs to myself.. I mean I've lived with her the longest, and I am the only one who has been taking care of her. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer last fall. She is now cancer free and her health has improved slightly, but I still stick around and care for her.I turned around and looked down the aisle, my jaw dropped.

I couldn't believe it, there at the end was the tall guy from the restaurant. He quickly dove back behind the shelves as he realized I noticed him. "What the hell?" I whispered. "What? Oh gosh is that him?" Patricia said a little scared. I told her the whole story about what happened at Ihop, she too is freaked. "Should I go and get to the bottom of this?" I said to Patricia. She let out a small squeal. "No, That's what they do! Wheel you in then, they KILL YA!" She said sarcastically making a stabbing motion with a paint brush. I couldn't contain my laughter as the employee gave her a glare.

We had actually forgotten about him slowly as we just started talking about random things. "Hey I have to pee" I said as we got done paying, me holding both buckets of paint. "Ew, didn't need to know that!" She laughed "Where is the bathroom? " She shrugged and laughed. I gave her a tiny glare,least you could do is gesture to a sign.

After wandering aimlessly down aisles, I refused to stop and ask where the bathrooms are despite my bladder being on the brink of exploding. What? I'm very stubborn. Turns out it was right behind the aisle I looked in to begin with, I was just too blind to see it. I walked out of the bathroom pleased with myself, accidently bumping the wet floor sign. In a blink I was on the floor. "Ouch, my ass." I grumbled as I stood up rubbing it. And was about to start walking again, when I felt someone's hand grab my ass. I gasped and froze "WHAT THE HELL!" I yelled and turned around ready to unleash a very pissed of girl, which is similar to a lioness who is being threatened. I froze when I saw who it was, my hands Clenched into a fist, it was...


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