Chapter:5 Unsafe And Jealous.

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Chapter 5

Lucy's POV

"Lucy, why in the hell would you do that!?" Liam yelled at me, as he picked her up and carried her towards the house. I received a few glares but I shrugged it off and walked inside with Liam. "Put her on the couch." I said angrily. Despite him being mad he obeyed. I grabbed the Wiccan bottle from the shelf and held it over her wrist. Immediately it turned from its bright purple color to her normal skin tone. I began to caress it. Foolish girl.. If she's the chosen one, then how was her mind so easy to overcome? Eric went to sit by her. They were mumbling thing's to each other, I rolled my eyes. ''Very well then, so who's going to knock her up?" I said coolly sitting down across from the boys. All three of the boys gave me a death glare.

"Listen Luc, maybe we should try this again at a different time... And at least not with her." Eric said gawking at her on the couch. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. "You can't exactly return her idiot!" I said grinning, lighting a cigarette. " and what's up with you? I thought you were all goo goo gaga for me? Has the little mermaid found his fishy mate?"
Eric's fists tightened and he glared at me. Clearly struggling to hold his tongue. I felt my heartache for a second, quickly shrugging it off.
"Maybe she can be of other use to us, anything but this Lucy..." Shane said looking up at me with pleading eyes.

I gave a heavy sign then stood up, not wanting to transform and raise hell inside my new living room. "I don't feel like having this conversation at the moment. But either someone knocks her up, or else..." I chuckled as I slowly walked over to her sleeping face , grabbed her licking her cheek. "She's dog food" I grinned. Her head shot instantly. I heard the guys gasp in awe. "Amazing, she can withstand that sleep spell I put on her? Oh you know she can handle giving birth to a werewolf!" I said smiling. Marzia looked at me with horror in her eyes. "What-'' Marzia began but as soon as she opened her mouth to speak, the door burst open.

I grabbed Marzia and threw her behind me. Two men stood in my door way, claws out and everything. Hybrids. "Who the fuck are you cunts?" I yelled picking Marzia up and throwing her to Liam; she looked like a rag doll being thrown around like that. He caught her smoothly and started running upstairs. ''We Were Sent By-'' I cut him off by grabbing a knife out of my shoe and leaping at him, jamming it in his mouth. I stared at the guy behind him. He stared wide eyed and bolted for the field. "Lucy he's getting away!" Shane shouted. I chuckled. "Let him go, I want him to return to whoever sent him and warn them to stay away." I looked down at the guy with a knife in his head, blood pouring out of his mouth. "You're going to clean this up!'' I yelled and yanked the knife out; he fell on his knees.

I put my finger on his back and it healed his gash in his throat, I could never kill these bastards. I always offered them a second chance and they usually take it. '' Th- Thank- you'' He said after each gasp, I knelled down in front of him. "Clean this up please and then we'll talk about your Future. " I said standing tall and walking towards the front door, shutting it quickly.
We are going to need an army to protect this baby...

Marzia's POV

''Get away from me, you pervert!" I yelled at Liam, kicking myself off of him onto the bed. "Marzia, it isn't like that! We are nice guys, we aren't some sex craves supernaturals!" I gasped, completely ignoring his words.
"So what are you going to do to me now?! Make me have your babies?!" I screamed in his face. He blushed deeply then shook it away quickly. "You're sick!" I shouted. He put both hands up defensively. "No Marzia, you have it all wrong! This was Lucy's idea I was against it-Everyone was against it! The council doesn't even want to do this anymore after what happened to..'' His voice went quiet as he looked away. What happened to??

I shrugged off the cliffhanger as the door opened. "Kid?'' Awe man.. Even he wants to impregnate me! "Besides you can choose who you go with..." Liam said to me reassuringly, failing to notice kid standing patiently behind him. An evil grin appeared on my face, I got off the bed and sped passed Liam to Eric."Yes...?" He answered cautiously. "I pick you.'' I said jumping into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist. I grabbed the back of his head tilting it back and began to kiss his neck. "Marzia...No..." He whispered breathlessly with a slight moan escaping. I backed away and looked at him. What am I doing?

I heard a loud growl from beside me. ''NO!'' Liam yelled, and in an instant his hands were at Eric's neck. ''LUCY!!'' Liam yelled like a little kid calling for mom when he didn't get his way. ''You haven't made up your mind yet! Come on, let Lucy explain!'' He said through gritted teeth. I hope he knows that I'm trying to make him jealous. Wait... I shook my head violently as tears began to fall from my eyes, slowly backing away from them both. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I let a small sob escape my lips.

Both Kid and Liam looked at me holding both hands up defensively. "Marzia please... calm down." "No!" I screamed falling to the floor frighten, bringing my knees to my chest. Liam took a step towards me, I flinched and pulled my legs in closer. "Get out.." I whispered. Liam began to walk to me. "GET OUT!" I screamed, clutching my legs tighter. Both boys sighed and walked out closing the door behind them.
It felt like hours had gone by as the sunlight that was shining through the curtains started to fade. The room getting slightly darker. I let small sobs escape my lips.
I miss my grandma; I wonder how she is doing in all of this... Is she taking her medicine at the right time? Will she remember to not leave the oven on?I just wish I was home with her making sure she's safe and okay!
I heard a small knock at the door breaking me from my thoughts. "Please, Marzia... Lucy can explain this in a much simpler way.." I heard Kid on the other side. I signed wiping the tears from my eyes, I stood up and faced the door. Letting the thoughts of my grandma fade as I walked towards the door awaiting my fate...

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