Chapter Twenty Four

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 Dear Diary,

 I just love days like these. It’s Saturday and I’ve got no work today, no particular things to do. I can just hang around in my favorite place – home. I’m sat here right now, so snug in my pyjamas. Yes, it’s eleven o’clock and I still haven’t had a shower and got dressed. Does that make me a terrible person?

I just feel so happy and so dreamy right now. First of all there’s Farley and the kiss. Then there’s how cool my brother is, how he hasn’t given me too much of a hard time about the date. It’s a bit strange but I’m going with it. Then there’s the band, it’s going well. Leo told me yesterday that we have a new batch of gigs to do in Ellwood and in a few of the neighboring villages. We even got fan mail the other day, believe it or not!

Yup, just yesterday this little envelope lands through the postbox, covered in patterns drawn in biro. Leo opened it and we both read it together. It said:

Dear Dovetails

I found your address from Damart who works at The Crystal Bowl. I just wanted to say that I loved your gig the other night and I want to know when you will be playing next? I think you should have won that competition and I think it just wasn’t fair the way you got unplugged.

Love, Daniella

Along with the letter there was also a sketch, also drawn in biro on a scrap of notepaper. It was Leo and I – him looking one way, me looking the other. It really did look quite like us, I was impressed! ‘The Dovetails’ was written along the bottom, all sketched out beautifully.

Leo was so excited he kept going on about this being our first fan mail and how important it is that this girl really got our work and that these are the kinds of people he writes song for and so on and so forth. It was cute to see how he carefully stuck the letter and the sketch up on the notice board in the kitchen.

‘That’s to remind us why we’re doing this,’ he said, tapping his finger on the drawing.

The last bit of the letter, where she refers to us getting ‘unplugged’ sent a bit of a shiver down my spine. Sure, Leo knows I went out on a date but he doesn’t know who it is. Anyway, the way I look at it is, Farley made a mistake that night and Leo will just need to realise that. I’m sure Farley can explain. It sort of makes me gulp to even begin to think of the two of them ever meeting. The word awkward does not even begin to cover it.

So today it’s my day to chill out in my room, potter about the house, maybe have a look around the backyard, see how my plants are doing. I’ll probably try on some of my clothes later, see if I can come up with a new set of outfits for these gigs coming up. I’ve also got to think about the Manchester gig, if we get that, wow, I will need a serious outfit. So will Leo.

I’m thinking maybe to dress up like we own a manor house or something. I’ve always wanted to wear pearls and one of those neat two-piece suits. I’ll bet Dorothy could find me a nice suit at Bessie’s. Loads of rich old ladies hand all their clothes in to that shop, it’s a goldmine for that sort of stuff.

I’ll definitely need to put my wardrobe in order today. I am the funniest person when it comes to my clothes. Leo always says I’m unnaturally obsessed by them. Ever since I was a young girl I’ve always ordered all my clothes by colour. I’ve got a lovely wooden wardrobe and all my stuff is in there, ranging from browns then purples at one end, through to pinks and reds, through to oranges, yellows, greens, blues and dark blues. Ah! What can I say? I just love clothes.

I woke up this morning, just a few hours ago. I only woke up because the sun shone so brightly through my flimsy curtains. Other than that I would probably still be in the land of nod I was sleeping so soundly. Anyway as soon as I woke I started reading the ‘Chatsworth Mystery’ book.

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