Chapter Twenty Eight

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Dear Diary,

I burst into Leo’s room this morning with a pile of fan mail in my hands. He was fast asleep, buried under his duvet, not even moving when I came in. I ran straight towards the bed and jumped onto it.

‘Wake up! Wake up!’

I bounced up and down on the mattress.

‘Uggghhhh,’ he said, burrowing further down underneath the covers.

‘We’ve got more fan mail!’ I said.

‘Aaaaaahhhh,’ he said, from underneath the pillow he had shoved over his head.

‘Wakey, wakey, bro bro,’ I said, giggling.

I heard a tiny voice.

‘Leave me alone, I’m sleeping,’ he said.

‘But it’s band practice day and we’ve got fan mail,’ I said.

‘What do you care about band practice?’ he said from within the bed.

I grabbed the top edge of the duvet and pulled it right off and threw it on the floor. I used to do this when we were younger, it’s so funny to see him squirming about, outraged.

‘Give me back the duvet, Amber!’ he said.

‘No! It’s time to get up,’ I said. ‘And what the hell do you mean, what do I care if it’s band practice? Of course I care. I’m in the band, duffus head!’

He gave up the fight for the duvet and lay back on the bed, head hitting the pillow, keeping his eyes closed the whole time.

‘Just thought you were too busy for The Dovetails,’ he said.

‘Oh my God, what is your problem sulky pants? I am The Dovetails!’ I said.

‘No you’re not, I am,’ he said, groggily.

‘Whatever! I’m going to forgive this cheek on account of it being very early in the morning. Lose the grumpiness and read this mail,’ I said, throwing the letters next to his head on the pillow. ‘Either that or I tickle you to death.’

He opened his eyes wide.

‘No. Don’t do that Amber…’ he said.

He hates it when I tickle him. I threatened him with my hands, making them look like pincers in the air right in front of him.

‘Alright!’ he said, ‘I’ll get up, just leave me alone!’

He nudged me off the bed and dragged himself up.

‘I’ll see you in fifteen minutes downstairs,’ I said, closing the door on my way out.

As I left the room and headed to put on a pot of tea I couldn’t help thinking he seemed slightly too angry with me this morning. He always despises it when I wake him up but this morning he seemed too far annoyed. I just pushed aside the thought and got on with it. He’ll be fine soon enough.

Eventually he sloped downstairs in jeans and t-shirt, the same ones he had worn yesterday. He got himself a cup out from the cupboard and put it next to the pot of tea I had just brewed.

‘I’ll pour it for you then shall I?’ I said, smiling and nudging him.

‘Uh,’ he said, his shoulders sloping downwards and his face staying the same.

‘What’s the matter?’ I said. ‘I’m just kidding with you, Leo.’

‘Nothing,’ he said. ‘Let me have a cup of tea before I do anything else.’

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