Chapter Thirty Four

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Dear Diary,

Oh dear, dear diary. I didn’t get the chance last night to tell the full story of yesterday… I’m desperate to write the rest of it down so here I am, tucked away in my hotel room with one lamp for light and the sounds of New York City humming in the background. I’m tired after a day of preparing for the gig. We went down to the see the venue today – it’s the biggest one yet, like a massive underground cave with enough space for what seems like thousands.

Anyway, what happened yesterday, after Leo and Farley met? Well, the two of us, Farley and I, went off together even though I knew Leo probably wouldn’t like it. Judging by his face he definitely didn’t. I don’t know what to say about that… Farley is in my life now, he came out to New York to see me, that in itself means a lot to me.

We walked down Fifth Avenue hand in hand as Leo and Marilyn watched us from near the subway station. Once we were quite a way down the street, probably hardly even visible to Leo anymore, I squeezed Farley’s hand, saying:

‘Well, how was that then?’

He looked down at me through a couple of strands of hair.

‘Terrifying,’ he said.

‘Seriously?’ I said.

‘Very seriously,’ he said. ‘Your brother is one scary dude.’

‘Really? It was that bad?’ I said.

‘You didn’t notice how he looked like he wanted to crush my head between his bare hands?’ he said.

I couldn’t help giggling.

‘He wouldn’t have done that! He’s just not feeling too good at the moment,’ I said, biting my lip.

‘Right. So he’s having an off day? Hmmm…’ he said.

‘Er, well, you know, it’s the first time. I’m sure he’ll come round,’ I said.

‘Yes, then we can be best friends,’ he said, raising an eyebrow.

‘Aw, come on,’ I said, smiling up at him and grabbing hold of him round the waist. ‘It’ll get better, he’s really a nice person, honest.’

‘Hmm,’ he said, reaching down to put his arms over mine. ‘Well, I hope I don’t meet him down one of these New York alleyways in the night.’

I laughed.

‘Aw, I’ll protect you, don’t worry my little cutie pattootie,’ I said.

‘Cutie what?’ he said.

‘Cutie pattootie!’

‘Are you trying to strip me of my manhood?’ he said.

‘Nooo!’ I said, ‘I heard someone say it to their dog in the dog park. I like it.’

He laughed, then swooped me up off the ground and put me back down again.

‘Right then,’ he said, stopping us on the pavement. ‘You are coming with me. Right now. To Chinatown. Help me hail a taxi.’

‘What?’ I said.

‘Come on, stick your arm out and stop asking questions,’ he said, walking to the edge of the pavement and waving his arm about.

‘Taxi!’ he said.

I just laughed. A great big English boy shouting down the street with his Northern accent, flopping about in his ridiculous jumper. A cab pulled up and he flung open the back door, gesturing for me to get inside.

‘See!’ he said. ‘I’ve only been here a day and I’m already a pro.’

‘Hmm,’ I said, as I jumped into the back seat. ‘Impressive.’

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