Chapter Forty Five

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From the diary of Leo Harwood

Dear Diary,

We left Marilyn propped up against the glass wall of the aquarium. She tried to keep the whole thing going right up until the last minute, blaming Amber, saying a load of crap. She’s deluded. We left her there in the aquarium. Lord knows what she did next. There won’t be much for her to do now we’re not around to terrorize.

But it’s not just her, is it? I’d like to be able to say she did all of it – blame the whole thing on Marilyn – but I know I didn’t have to believe what she said. I didn’t have to set up my sister and Farley. At any point I could’ve realised. But I didn’t.

As Amber and I walked away from her, Cheryl sped up behind us, saying:

‘Woah, Leo, what in God’s name…?’

‘Cheryl, give it up,’ I said. ‘You heard what happened.’

‘Eh? You mean, we beat up Amber’s boyfriend?’ she said.

‘Yes. You did,’ said Amber.

I sensed Amber breathing hard next to me. I placed my arm around her shoulders.

‘But Amber pointed him out to me!’ said Cheryl, only to me, as though Amber wasn’t there.

‘It was a set up, you already heard,’ I said. ‘We’re leaving.’

‘Yes, but…’ she said.

I turned us around and we walked away from the giant aquarium out the doors eventually walking out the main entrance into the morning sunlight.

‘I think we might need to find some new friends,’ said Amber, giving me a sort of pained smile.

She looked tired, like her colours had been drained.

‘Yup,’ I said. ‘I agree with that.’

I squeezed her shoulders.

‘Come on, we’ll get the subway back to Manhattan,’ I said.

We walked along the street amongst the people and after a few minutes got to the subway station. We found an empty carriage and slumped down into the seats. Amber looked like she was in a daze; she put her head against the glass.

‘You can rest your head there if you like,’ I said, tapping my shoulder.

‘Alright,’ she said.

Her head dropped down onto my shoulder.

‘So much to think about, too much,’ she said, wearily.

‘Don’t worry just now,’ I said.

‘Yeah right, that’s likely,’ she said. ‘Farley. What should I expect?’

‘Well, all I know is the doctor said the first twenty-four hours are the most important. I think it’s good he woke up. It didn’t look like he would but he did,’ I said.

‘Oh God, what if he doesn’t wake up again though?’ she said, rubbing her eyes.

‘There’s no point thinking like that,’ I said.

‘Please don’t tell me to calm down and not to worry,’ she said.

‘I won’t,’ I said.

She let out a massive sigh as the doors closed and the train rumbled forward.

‘Oh, God, let’s just get there,’ she said.

Things were quiet for ages after that. I thought she’d fallen asleep. I listened to the train as it sped along, watching the dark walls of the tunnel pass by through the window. Then I heard her voice, quiet:

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