Chapter Ten

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Dear Diary,

I’ve just found myself a nice little spot here on the beach to sit. Leo woke up and was moaning and groaning about his head. I left him in the hotel room to doze. He asked me to stay with him and wanted to know exactly where I was going. God, he’s such a big brother sometimes. Always wanting to know where I am and who I’m with. Anyway, I got away relatively easily because he was too tired and weak to argue.

I wandered quite a way down this beach; it’s so beautiful and deserted. I haven’t seen a soul since I came out here. The sand dunes are behind me so I’m sheltered from the blustery winds. I can see a strip of rocks, pebbles and shells out there, in between the sea and where I am. The waves are splashing their white foam in long rolls across the sand.

So finally I get the chance to put down on paper what happened last night. After the sound check all three of us came back to the hotel. I bundled Leo into our room to get us both ready for the big performance. Firstly he went to the bathroom to have a wash whilst I carefully got every piece of our outfits from the wardrobe and laid them on our beds. All Leo’s stuff on his bed, all my stuff on my bed.

Once Leo was out of the bathroom I went in and had a shower. As I stood under the hot water I kept seeing us playing on stage over and over in my head. I had images of the crowd loving our songs and the judges all lighting up as we played, giving us a standing ovation. I imagined how proud Mum would be if she were there.

I wrapped myself in a fluffy dressing gown and padded back to our room in my slippers. Leo was dressed in his outfit, standing in the middle of the room, looking back at me.

‘Isn’t this a bit much?’ he said.

‘You doubt my fashion capabilities?’ I said.

‘No,’ he said, running his finger between his neck and the collar of his shirt.

‘You know me Ambs, I’m a trainers and jeans sort of man,’ he said.

‘That’s all well and good,’ I said. ‘But tonight you are a star in a band sort of man.’

‘Alright,’ he said. ‘I’m just not used to wearing a shirt that’s all.’

It’s one of the only things I get the last say on – what we wear. I had to give him quite a stern look to make sure he didn’t keep going on about it. Once he looked like he wouldn’t moan anymore I softened and said:

‘You look great, bro. I love you.’

I gave him a peck on the cheek.

‘Thanks, sis,’ he said.

He really did look fantastic. The tweed jacket was a bit worn around the edges in the right sort of way and the dark trousers were just perfect. Excited to get into my outfit, I made him turn around whilst I got dressed.

The dress was brilliant – I danced around the room to check that I could still move and it was fine. I grabbed Leo and we both stood in front of the floor length mirror. Next to each other we looked like a proper pair of band members. I couldn’t help but notice that Leo looked a lot like Dad. So handsome.

Once I had put on the brooch, positioning it so that the feather fell prettily on my right shoulder, all I needed next was a splash of make-up – red lips of course and black eyeliner.

There we were, a couple of glamorous kittens all made up and ready to roll when suddenly Jimmy crashed in through the door.

‘Ready to go, chaps?’ he said.

I took one look at him and almost screamed when I saw what he was wearing. A dark green fleece, literally hanging off his shoulders and a pair of light blue jeans that hovered over a pair of smart black shoes.

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