Murder Murderuous Murdering (Joh'ns POV)

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Driving. And a little more driving. We had been sitting in the car for what seemed like decades, and my palms were sweaty, knees weak and throat dry as I prepared myself to murder the man I was snuggled up with and the man driving the car.

"Are you alright, Johnny Baby?" Moriarty rubbed his manicured hand up and down my arm as he pulled me closer to my side.

"I'm fine, love." I twisted and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. He started slightly, almost blushing as he grinned. I had him wrapped around my finger for the moment. I felt used and disgusting. Like I was a piece of crumbled paper left on the side of the road.

"Hamish, drive us to a secluded area...maybe with woods and trails." Moriarty purred thoughtfully, glancing out the window as foliage breezed past us.

"Of course, sir." Hamish growled back. This would be perfect.

"Sounds wonderful, darling." I borrowed myself deeper into him. The rain was at least letting up, it wasn't as bad anymore. I felt Moriarty shiver, arms tighten around me and head lean against my own. The car started to slow before pulling onto a small dirt road which weaved between tall trees and stopping at an abandoned gravel parking lot. Trails disappeared into the woods, a few rickety and molding benches were placed here and there, overgrown with vine plants bending under the weight of water that dropped from the trees to fall on them. A doe looked up as the glare of headlights struck her and she galloped away. The sun was almost set by now.

"Here we are!" Hamish hopped out and opened the door on Moriarty's side.

"Looks wonderful. How far are we from Baker Street? I want to know if I have to worry about seeing Sherlock anywhere." I sneered his name, coming off even more hateful then I had intended. I infused my voice with every bit of murderous rage I had for Moriarty as I spoke.

"Only an hour or two of driving. You won't see him anywhere, baby." Moriarty pulled me flush against him and devoured my lips. I buried my fingers in his hair and stood on tiptoes to kiss back. Nausea rolled around in my stomach and I almost gagged when Moriarty finally released me. He smiled as he grabbed my hand and all three of us walked into the woods- Hamish trailing behind us. For a while, Moriarty regaled us with tales of all the horrid crimes he had done and just how he was going to kill Sherlock. I counted to 189 in my head before finally speaking up;

"Sorry, I need to use the restroom real quick- I'll be right back." I pulled my hand from Moriarty's and began to wade into the woods.

"There's no bathrooms..." Moriarty sounded almost confused.

"I know." I replied, "don't go anywhere!" I counted my steps, stopping once I reached 130, and looked back. I couldn't see Moriarty or Hamish which goes to reason that they couldn't see me. I squatted down low as I stripped from my clothes and shifted. I pulled out of my hoodie pocket my collar, the tag read;

Property of Sherlock Holmes
221 B Baker Street"

Sherlock had been very insistent that I get the name tag in case something happened. I was secretly very great full as I clipped it around my neck. I knew I wouldn't be able to shift back unless I was completely alone and had some clothes. Hopefully someone would read the name tag and help me get back home. I quickly returned my thoughts to the task at hand.

"Come on, john, you can do this! If you don't kill them, then how will you ever truly escape?" I shook my fur, sniffing the air and latching onto Hamish's smokey scent. I growled, hackles raising as I began to slink back towards them.

"He does know the car will explode if he tries to Hotwire it, correct?" Moriarty's drawl seemed to float down to my perked ears.

"I had informed him when we were leaving Baker Street." Hamish's voice sounded even more deeper. He smelled of fear and jangling nerves. Moriarty smelled of impatience and blood. I licked my lips and approached the trail, staying hidden in the trees. Moriarty had sat himself down on an overturned log, Hamish standing beside him.

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