Two Years Later (John's POV)

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As I ran out towards my friend's prone form, I shifted from hound to human. He lay in the middle of the battle, bullets had just been whizzing by. My dog tags were foreverly jingling from an ever present leather collar that I was forced to wear ever since I had taken the serum.

"Ace!" I called out as I fell to my knees by his side. His eyes moved about listlessly.

"Hawk-eye?" He moaned, his voice barely heard through the gurgling of blood that bubbled up from his frothing mouth.

"Oh god!" I grabbed his shoulders and began to drag him away. A sudden blinding pain pierced my right shoulder. I screamed and fell down. I grabbed Ace's hand as the pain slowly took away my vision and Ace died beside me.


I awoke in a hospital. Nurses and doctors raced about me, cleaning up after the stitching that I assumed had taken place.

"Ace?" I moaned groggily, though I already knew what had happened. My collar felt tight on my neck. The dog tags were cold against my skin.

"Oh!" A nurse ran over to me, "You're awake."

"Ace?" I grumbled again.

"Ace?" Her brows furrowed in confusion, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean."

"Partner." I felt so useless.

"Oh..." A look of sadness flashed across her face.

"Thought so." No emotion passed through me, though I knew that it would hit me later, as I slipped asleep.


A few months later I was released from the hospital, mourning the loss of my friend and cursing my shoulder. I was in London. Bloody London. I had no family, no friends, no one to help me out. I groaned and walked over to a park bench. I sat down on it and rubbed at my throbbing shoulder. Ever since I had escaped that hellhole of a hospital I had been living in the cheapest hotel I could find and picking up odd jobs here and there. Today I had just been fired from my third job this week because I kept falling asleep.

"By God, I sure am lucky today, aren't I?" I complained under my breath.

Suddenly a figure sat down beside me.

"John?" The voice inquired shyly. I turned toward the girl. Confusion must've been very easily seen on my face for she laughed and extended her hand.

"It's me, Susan. We went to collage together." She smiled when I shook her hand. A dim memory flickered in the back of my head.

"Oh! Hey Susan!" I tried to be friendly.

"What are you doing here? Last I heard of you was that you were getting shot." She looked up at me through her long eyelashes.

"Oh, well, I was shot and now I'm trying to find a place to live." I shrugged.

"Oh! I know someone who's looking for a guy to split the rent with!" Susan stood up and pulled me along with her as she speedily raced down the sidewalk.

"Well, ummm, thanks Susan!" I replied lamely after a while. She just laughed and walked me into a building. We went up an elevator and into a strange room.

"Sherlock!" She called out. A tall man stood up from behind his cluttered desk. It was covered with important looking science equipment. He had curly black hair and wore a long trench coat. Black shirt and jeans.

"Yes Susan?" His voice was deep and sweet.

"Found you a flat mate!" She shoved me forward happily. I stumbled and held out my hand.

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