Jim Moriarty (Sherlock's POV)

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He looks so peaceful sleeping. John's hair is ruffled up so it makes him look like a little hedgehog. I thought back to that first night and how much I had changed since he came into my life those years ago.

"S'lock." John moaned and rolled over, facing me.

"Yes. H-John?" I corrected myself. I turned from the windows, letting the shades fall shut along with the curtains to my past.

"Cold." He murmured and out stretched his arms. I smirked, feeling my heart race and pupils dilate. I didn't know if this is was what normal friends did, or if John was an exception. Or the unthinkable, he actually liked me! But over the past two years John had always been quick to tell people that he was not, in fact, my date.

"S'lock!" He grumbled, one eye peeking open slowly and voice husky with sleep, "Cold!" He complained. I shook myself from my thoughts and clambered into bed with him. He snuggled deeply into my chest and sighed. His hands reached up and tangled themselves in my shirt as he snuffled happily. He curled up even closer, the dog in him insisting on it. Mrs. Hudson had eventually figured out that John Watson was not all he appeared to be and had come to terms with it. Looking down at him and burying my face in his sandy blonde hedgehog hair, I remembered the pool incident with James Moriarty. It still sent shivers racing up my spine and I unconsciously pulled John even closer to me. He snored lightly and tangled his legs in mine. John had been willing to die for me! I had never, not once, had a friend, let alone one who would sacrifice his life for me. I vowed that I would return the favor if the need ever arose.

Ping. My phone vibrated on the table as a message came. I growled and reached past John, snagging the cold phone and pulling it closer to my face.

"You have something I so desperately want. I will get it. Jim Moriarty x." The text message read. Again, I growled, though this time I was loud enough to make John look up with blurry eyes squinted in a question.

"Lock?" He yawned, "Whas goin' on?"

"Nothing you need concern yourself with. Jim just wants something of mine." I grumbled. It was only three in the morning so I wasn't too surprised when it took John several minutes of scrunching his face to remember who Jim was.

"Oh! Pool person." He mumbled, burying his face back in my chest.

"That'd be him." I prayed that John wouldn't hear my racing heart.

"Ask him wha it is?" He was getting more coherent.

"Will do..." I mumbled, rubbing one hand up and down his back while the other I used to text James;

"What do I have that you want? –SH" I waited for a while, enjoying John as he fell back asleep.

"You know, the beacon of hope? The one who can give even the most stone hard druggie a heart and life. Him. Jim Moriarty x." The text dripped with malice. I looked at John with worry.

"Surely you can't mean John? –SH" I quickly responded.

"Who else would I mean, Sherly? Jim Moriarty x." I huffed at the nickname, earning a muffled complaint from John.

"What?" I asked, having not heard what he had muttered.

"What does he want?" John stretched.

"Nothing...everything..." I grumbled, barely listening to myself or John as I thought over Moriarty's texts.

"Well that answers my question." His head peeked up, his hair adorably ruffled with sleep until it poked up like the quills on a hedgehog. He turned his gaze to look at the clock.

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