Figuring Things Out (John's POV)

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It turns out that Moriarty's brilliant hiding place was in the flat where he had left the shoes when we had first started to become acquainted with each other.

"Now I can see if Sherlock comes back and I have my fingers on all his little pets." Moriarty spun around the room with a maniac smile plastered on his face. Mildew grew on the walls, the air temp was freezing and the air itself felt slightly damp with foggy precipitation. I hated it. The cold seemed to sludge into my bones, leeching out my heat and making my skin break out in gooseflesh. Hamish stood by the shut and locked door, the windows plastered over with chunks of cardboard. No one could see in or out. There was no furniture except for a bed in the corner and a dresser.

"Don't you just love it?" Moriarty turned to me, arms spread out to his side and head tilted to the left.

"Bit chilly, don't you think?" I rubbed my hands up and down my arm, causing my jumper to bunch and crunch.

"I find it refreshing, I prefer the term brisk." Moriarty hummed and motioned for Hamish to bring down the luggage. Moriarty had quietly slipped in when everyone else was gone, getting the place set up for when Hamish and I showed up. Mrs. Hudson could now be heard puttering around upstairs, completely oblivious that I was trapped below her.

"Should I kill Sherlock the second he returns, or wait a bit?" Moriarty contemplated as he paced the room.

"Let him get comfortable first." I tried to buy Sherlock and I some time. I had the beginnings of a plan worming around in my head.

"It'll hurt all the more if he sees you too." He was talking to himself now, muttering under his breath as he flopped onto the bed. Hamish soon came down with the luggage and set it softly on the floor by the bed. He then receded into his sentry post by the only door. I sighed and plopped down on the floor by the unkempt fireplace that had long since passed it's prime and was no longer useful. I absently scratched behind my ear, huffing and leaning into my own hand as my eyes closed in delight.

"John?" Moriarty's voice broke through my reverie.

"Y-yes, Jim?" My scratching stopped and I spun to face him. He was now on his belly on the bed, feet up in the air behind him and chin resting on his fisted hands.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you act like a dog?" He blinked slowly, not even the hint of a smile on his blank face. I forced an embarrassed smirk onto my own, trying to look slightly bashful as I cast my eyes down and brought up a blush.

"Once or twice, yes. Everyone finds it a tad bit odd." I snickered, trying to appear amused by these circumstances.

"I find it adorable, it's so easy to please you." Jim slunk off the bed and sat down next to me. I gulped but otherwise showed no signs of any emotion toward this predicament.

"Glad you at least like it." I nodded awkwardly.

"Like this." He promptly forced me onto my back and began to rub my stomach. I whined and stretched out, aching for the attention. His chuckle was dark and seductive, sending shivers down my spine. I found myself shifted closer toward him as his hand ran up and down my abdomen. When he began to scratch just above my left hip bone, I couldn't stop my leg from lifting into the air and kicking back and forth- just like a dog would if you got their sweet spot.

"It's almost laughable how much you act like a dog sometimes, Johnny Boy." Moriarty continued to get my sweet spot, making me freeze in one spot so he wouldn't stop, head lifting up to look at him with unseeing eyes.

"Maybe we should go for a walk sometime, would you like that, Johnny Baby?" He cooed as he slowed his scratching and I relaxed again into the floor.

"Yeah, yeah, a walk would be wonderful." I sighed, excitement racing through me as began to inch toward shifting. Quickly, I sat up, forcibly ceasing Moriarty's scratching.

"Problem?" Moriarty purred.

"Just need to use the bathroom." I mumbled, standing up and slipping away.

"A walk could work wonderfully to my's just what my plan needed." I thought anxiously as I stripped down and turned on the shower- after making sure the door was securely locked. I then shifted into my dog self and hopped, letting the hot water seep into my fur and make me drowsy. I yawned, tongue lolling out, and arched my back as I stretched. I shook my fur out and contemplated how this would work to my advantage.

"If I can get him to stop somewhere- like a restaurant or something- and I can get out of his view, I can shift into a dog. I can then proceed to effortlessly waltz away...but he could always find me...he might not stop searching if he lost me..." My thoughts began to turn in circles until they came to unified solution. The hot water was by now out and Moriarty was complaining of my absence, his voice could be heard whining through the door. You couldn't hear Hamish though.

"I'll just have to kill them both." I shifted back and quickly dried and dressed.

"Coming!" I called, stepping out of the bathroom and walking purposefully toward Moriarty.

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